The 2016 G7 Summit – A Study in Impotence (#6)

The latest G7 Summit just ended in Shima, Japan on May 27, 2016. The leaders of the 7 most developed economies issued a joint declaration that highlighted the key issues they had identified, and agreed, needed to be addressed on a top priority basis. The first of utmost importance was of course, the problems of the faltering global economy, in which a rather strident note was struck by the multiple use of the word ‘crisis’, in reference to its current status. The leaders proposed to do everything possible, policy-wise, to try and resuscitate the moribund global economy by stimulating the slack global demand, and by curtailing excess capacity. The problem with that collectively impotent conse

The Fall From Grace of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff (#5)

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was probably no more or less corrupt than all the previous Brazilian Presidents, perhaps a bit less than some. Apparently, some of the current Parliamentarians that have pushed and voted for the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff have worse charges of corruption against them, and it is commonly held that corruption is endemic to Brazilian politics and society as a matter of course anyway. So how is it that in a recognized corrupt system, this President is being impeached? Well, her ill-fortunes started with the timing of her being elected the President in 2011. Unfortunately for her, she became the President of the Country at the same time that China's economy,

What Is It With Men? (#4)

It’s Mother's Day! All over traditional and social media one sees the outpouring of good wishes and love for mothers by thankful, dutiful, adoring sons and daughters, public approval seeking political, religious and business leaders, pundits and pontificators. And that is how it should be. Mothers are the greatest. Without them there would be little to no real love, warmth, comfort, nurturing and sacrifice. Men (Dads) by themselves just cannot provide what mothers can; not most men, and not exactly to the same degree. So sons and daughters adore their mothers as they should, the World over. In some cases sons are closer to their mothers and more needy of them than the daughters. And one woul

Trump Delivers a Knockout, and Sanders A Bodyblow (#3)

On Tuesday, May 3, Donald Trump knocked out Ted Cruz in the Republican nomination race. It was a long and bruising, increasingly no holds barred battle, in which Cruz always seemed to come out much worse for the wear, and Trump seemed hardly to disturb a strand of his carefully coiffed hair. At the end it was terribly one sided, as Trump proved a natural at this type of a political drag-down-in-the-gutter street fight, and visibly and repeatedly gored Cruz. If Ted Cruz had developed any illusions whatsoever about being tough, clever and extreme, from his previous battles in the political arena, which now would seem an almost genteel environment by comparison, those illusions were decidedly

Towards the Later Rounds Of U.S. Elections (#2)

As the race for the Republican and Democratic nomination heads into the final stretch, Trump and Clinton seem to have commanding leads. The national prominent pundits and commentators are of the mind that both Trump and Clinton are practically unbeatable at this point in time. And so it would seem. And yet one cannot escape the feeling that more drama is still to unfold in this most unusual and rambunctious of U.S. nomination races. The whole World is fascinated with this uniquely American political theater which is larger and louder than just about anywhere in the democratic world (except India), but a lot more pertinent to the rest; as what happens politically and economically in America e

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