England Body Slammed - Twice (#9)

England suffered two massive body blows recently, self inflicted, that have stunned the World and keeled England over. First, was its vote to leave the European Union (EU), and second, right after, was the defeat of its National football team, by Iceland. The June 27, 2016 football match between England and Iceland, in the Euro 2016 games, seems to capture the current state of England perfectly. A country that has a deserved reputation of being historically a Great Nation, just as its reputation in the Football World, is one that is at odds with itself; using its many individual and outstanding national talents so disjointedly, and with such an innate presumption of superiority, as to neutra

To Brexit or Not To Brexit... (#8)

In the last few weeks, the international media has been inundated with news, opinions, predictions, discussions, pronouncements, polls, and increasingly dire warnings, from other governments, international agencies and of course UK’s government itself, about the impending Referendum (Thursday, June 23rd, 2016) on whether Britain should stay or leave the European Union (EU), in its present form. And, most tragically, that heated debate in Britain resulted in the cowardly murder of a Member of Parliament, Jo Cox of the Labour Party (who was passionately for Britain staying ‘In’ the EU), by a deranged and ignorant member of the ‘Leave’ campaign. Up to last week, the many and frequent polls take

The Slaughter of the Innocents (#7)

In the past weeks, due to no fault of theirs, a lion and a lioness, and a low plains silver-back male gorilla, all in their prime, and decades long peaceful residents of their respective zoos, were shot to death in their enclosures by zoo officials, because of irresponsible human behavior. In the case of the lions, the zoo officials had to take the drastic action (in Chile), to try to save a 20-year old man, who purposely jumped into the lion enclosure, took all his clothes off, and taunted the lions when they ignored him, till they took notice and attacked him. He was being mauled when the officials shot to death the two lions. The young man was purportedly trying to commit suicide by lion

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