The First Clinton Trump Debate (#15)

Well it finally happened. The first Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, US Presidential Candidates debate. Apparently the most watched event on television, with an estimated 100 Million viewers tuning in. The debate itself went as expected. Clinton, given her long years in public service and her experience, was well prepared, far more knowledgeable about all issues, detailed in policy and well rehearsed. Trump, given his severe lack of experience in public service, or such debates, was not well prepared, nor knowledgeable or detailed in policy matters, and given his seeming abhorrence for detailed preparations, did what Trump usually does, he ‘winged it’. It should have been a massacre. But even

Rising Above All Challenges (#14)

The challenges of September 2016, once again proved the true grit and grace of Barack Obama. Since his election as the first African American President of the United States in January of 2009, Barack Obama has faced organized, fiercely committed, at times offensive, politically destructive, unrelentingly obstructionist, and openly racist opposition from the Republican Party and its supporters in America, the Country he was democratically elected to lead. Getting little to no respect by nearly half the country after performing remarkably well considering the economic and foreign policy disasters he inherited from the Republican administration of George W. Bush, and the constant obstructionist

G20 Summit in China (#13)

For the 2016 G20 Summit, the Chinese leadership wanted to put on a show, and by all accounts they really did. From the very start, the arrival of the World leaders, this G20 had unprecedented international publicity as China chose to show its approval or disapproval of the visiting leaders, and their countries, by either laying out the red carpet or not. Most of the World’s leaders got the full red carpet treatment. But the jarring discordant note was struck early in the Summit by the shocking action taken by China with the deliberate and most pointed snub of US President Barack Obama and his entourage upon arrival. The President’s plane was not only - not provided with the proper red carpet

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