A Tarnished Knight Riding a Broken Nag – To the Rescue of the Unbroken (#23)

Yesterday, Donald J. Trump, on becoming President, tried to portray himself as a White Knight in shining armor, astride his great steed, to rescue a captive and abused fair damsel - a ravaged America. Except, the pretense and portrayal was a hoax. The knight instead is woefully and significantly tarnished, the steed that brought him to power - the Electoral College voting system, is flawed as a democratic instrument that did not serve the will of the overwhelming majority of the voting citizens, and hence in ‘steed’ terms is a broken nag. And America is not a ravaged damsel needing rescue, but is a fair damsel that was ravaged, but since then has already been rescued and was being lovingly r

The Trump Year - That Is 2017 (#22)

Coming into the ‘New Year’, 2017, we collectively bring all our baggage of previous years with us, and thus, from day one, the New Year is an extension of everything that was happening yesterday. And ‘Yesterday’, 2016, was an extraordinarily eventful year. That makes it a bit easier to predict, that this year will be anything but uneventful. First, and right off the bat, there is the irrepressible Donald J. Trump, the ‘Tweet-master’, or is it the ‘Tweet-monster’? Either way, Trump’s tweeting proclivity has become legend, and will make for an eventful year. He has already shaken the long sacred traditions of entrenched political norms in American politics, and, upended all that was considered

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