A New Political Order – Steve Bannon (#26)

At the recent Conservative Political Action Congress (CPAC), on February, 22-25, 2017, an annual gathering of American Conservative activists, Steve Bannon had his long sought after day in the sun. Emerging from relative obscurity, nationally and internationally, as Donald Trump’s new campaign manager, Steve Bannon finally had the center stage at an event where previously he had been consistently sidelined because of his uncomfortable, bordering on extreme, controversial views, to the point where he had to organize his own side meetings called the ‘Uninvited’ at the previous CPAC. This year was different. This year he was amongst the chief guests of honor, arguably second only to Donald Trum

Vintage Trump Reasserts Control (#25)

The past few days were tough and getting tougher for President Trump and his White House team members. The controversies about Russian connections that have dogged him and his team for the past weeks, seem to be gaining size and momentum, and had started to rise to a fever pitch to the degree that Republican Senators and Congressmen had started to call for investigations into all the allegations of contacts, and possible collusion, between Russia officials and Trump’s campaign team. The firing (resigning) of General Flynn as his Head of National Security, for not telling the truth to Vice President Mike Pence about the content of his conversations with the Russian Ambassador, had given legit

‘Alternative-Facts’ Rule America (#24)

Trump’s campaign manager and White House advisor, KellyAnne Conway, made famous the words ‘alternative- facts’ when describing his Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s less than accurate version of the size of the crowd, and the overall turnout at the inauguration of Trump. Now, ‘alternative-facts’ has become a popular catch-all phrase to describe untruthfulness and willful distortion of real facts. In these tumultuous early days of Trump’s Presidency, the Country has been inundated with alternative facts as Trump and the Republicans justify what the majority of Americans and the World see as a roll-out of a misogynistic, bigoted and essentially racist agenda, designed to turn America back to a mor

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