The Callousness of United Airlines & Its CEO (#33)

United Airlines set a new bar on callous behavior of a company in the treatment of their customers. The Airlines Industry, especially in the developed countries, is a far cry from the glory day of old when all customers were treated like royalty and the Airlines and their staff went out of their way to make sure the customers came first, and had a pleasurable experience when flying. Those days are a distant memory, obviously and for some practical reasons. But in the West, especially in North America, the airlines are downright callous in their attitude to their customers. Now, to get a decent experience and shades of past pleasure in flying, one comes closest to that experience when traveli

Trump Struck Syria and Messaged the World (#32)

There is not a person on this earth, with a normal human heart, that was not affected deeply by the horrific images of the people and children in Syria struck down mercilessly by a heartless regime. This latest atrocity affected Trump enough that he took action to let his and the United States displeasure and outrage be known in no uncertain way. Tonight (April 6, 2017), the U.S. hit the Syrian airbase with 50-odd missiles from its warships in the Mediterranean, from which the air-strike that dropped the ‘Sarin’ gas was suspected to have been launched. This strike, while seemingly justified, is symbolic at best, of the message of outrage of the U.S., and as proxy of the World. The critical q

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