Trump’s Three Religion Trip (#37)

Trump is on his first foreign trip and it’s a big one. Conceived by his supposed wunderkind son-in-law Jared Kushner, Trump is visiting the homes of the three greatest religions on Earth: Saudi Arabia home to Islam, then on to Israel, home to Judaism and Christianity, and then to the Vatican City to meet the Pope and then to Brussels to a meeting of NATO. At some point in his campaign or even during the early days of his Presidency, Trump has offended every single religion that he is now purportedly visiting and giving a speech to, including a visit to the Head of Catholicism, the Pope, and the greatest Western Alliance since the Second World War, NATO, who Trump called ‘obsolete’ during muc

The Selling of America (#36)

The Republicans have sold America to commercial and political interests, domestic and foreign, to the point of significant setbacks for American credibility globally, with Donald Trump in the role of the battering ram that slams in daily incredulous sanity defying dents into what was once a recognizable America. It is quite extraordinary to watch the active betrayal of America’s interest, be it in policies that undermine the healthcare of the majority; or financial and consumer protection regulations that after the last excess induced economy and life destroying catastrophe in 2008, were put in place to protect Americans from criminal levels of corporate greed; or environmental protections t

Dictatorship American-Style (#35)

Donald Trump acts to protect himself and his associates from an ever encroaching FBI led investigation that was perhaps getting to close for comfort. So he fired James Comey, Director of the FBI, who refused to publicly exonerate him, and was the man who was heading the investigation into Trump and his associates, and their relationships with Russia. To fire the man that is investigating you is a rare privilege that Trump the President was not shy to exploit, even if it broke all laws of expected behavior from the President of the United States, and invited comparisons with the infamous law breaking former President Richard Nixon. Trump’s latest actions also put him solidly in the ranks of d

The Election That Reversed A Scary Trend (#34)

Recent past seemed to suggest the World had jammed itself into a political reverse gear, with global unity and openness of past three decades turning inward onto itself, into isolationism, distrust and protectionism, both trade and nationalism wise, with Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and others, that pushed global humanity backwards while promising the trend’s supporters individual and national progress. The trend seemed so pervasive that France’s recent election was viewed with great trepidation as a possible sealing of the latest destructive move into a globally threatening breakup of the European Union (EU) through the election of the ultra right-wing, ultra-nationalist, Marine Le

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