Republican Crafted ‘TrumpCare’ – America Shafted Again (#41)

After hiding behind closed doors like boys up to no good and indulging in something shameful, the Republican leaders emerged after drafting a Healthcare Bill in the Donald’s own image that turned everything he had promised about healthcare into a Big Fat Lie. After all, it was he who not too long ago that stated emphatically, that his healthcare plan would cover everyone with far less cost than ObamaCare (hated by him and the Republican leadership, but liked by most everyone else). After 8 years and 5 months Mitch McConnell and others at the top of the Republican Party did not disappoint, and emerged from the dark conscienceless caverns they had retreated into with a "mean" spirited vilely-c

America’s Self Inflicted Wounds (#40)

The shooting at the Republican team baseball practice shocked the United States of America. The rest of the World was stunned by the incident but probably not that surprised, because internal ‘shootings’ have become an American thing, in the eyes of the developed World at least. Yes, far more gun related violence takes place in some of the Latin/South America countries, war torn countries of Middle East and North Africa, a few Eastern European countries, and in Asian countries (like the Philippines). But when compared to the advanced countries of all of Western Europe (including Great Britain), Canada, Australia, and the rest of the Countries of the World throughout Asia and Africa, the Unit

The On-Going Saga of Senate Hearings (#39)

Last week, the fired FBI Director James Comey’s testimony was a major league event in American politics. Large segments of the American and international audience were giddy with anticipation and excitement, and Comey didn’t disappoint as he gave a riveting testimony. Yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Session’s rebuttal to Comey’s testimony was looked forward to with the excitement of the next episode of an exciting television series. In reality, Session’s testimony and rebuttal had none of the intensity or drama of the former episode. Logically, the lesser chance of great drama was to be expected as Sessions is a legal and political veteran who knows how to answer questions without giving aw

Trump Jerks America Back – To the Past (#38)

Yesterday, June 1, 2017, at about 3.00 pm, President Donald J. Trump, announced, accompanied with his customary amateurish theatrics and dismal verbal flourishes, the obvious, that he was pulling America out of the Paris carbon emission mitigating ‘Agreement’ and marching it backwards. This was after teasing and titillating the entire World for a week in suspenseful silence, after his return from his foreign trip, as he supposedly reflected deeply on the planet changing choice of keeping the United States in the historic, global, climate change agreement called the 'Paris Accord’, or not. Of course his only deep reflection as to the effect of the decision was to the political ramifications a

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