The Compromise of General John Kelly (#51)

Now-a-days, just being in the Trump White House is to risk contamination and compromise if you are a person of principals. The contamination is succumbing to the ever present virus that infects the White House now – lies damn lies, untruths and half-truths. It’s something that seems to be inevitable, like being too close to a powerful vortex that inevitably sucks you under, regardless of your standing before you get there. Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was infected from day one when he insisted on versions of facts that were clearly not true, like the size of Trump’s inauguration crowds. Current Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is obviously infected with it as she dail

An American Mass Murder So Horrific - ISIS wants to own it! (#50)

Since the mass murder in Las Vegas last night, an act of internal terror, the American news has been tying itself in knots trying to understand why a seemingly ordinary (a supposed real estate millionaire not a disenfranchised struggling angry American), retired 64 years old from a ‘sleepy’ town in Nevada, would massacre ordinary pleasure seeking fellow Americans, at a Country Western Music Concert in the city of pleasure itself, Las Vegas. So far neither the news media, nor the officials investigating this shocking but rather distressingly common occurrence in America have been able to find any clues whatsoever, as to why an ordinary man, Stephen Paddock, would take it upon himself to massa

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