V.P. Mike Pence - President in Waiting? (#59)

American Vice President Mike Pence professes to be a man of God, and as such he knows the 'Lord' has a 'Plan' for his life, and that plan is ultimately to be the President of the United States. For that day Mike Pence works tirelessly, in humility, bearing all the scorn of the President, the majority of Americans, and the World, as he, without protest or shirking, goes about his daily task of defending the indefensible, blithely overlooking the unacceptable, excusing the inexcusable, and generally cleaning up after the most unsuitable President (in history?), Donald J. Trump. To paraphrase from the movie ‘The Blues Brothers’, Mike Pence is ‘On a Mission from God’. Unfortunately, in pursuit o

Trump Doubles Down on Dismantling America (#58)

The America that Americans and the World knew no longer exists because of Trump’s latest actions. It is gone forever because of an unthinkable crossing of a line that had been held sacred by all previous Presidents and administrations. Trump, with the initiative and assistance of others in the Republican Party, has wilfully crossed the line of a President directly interfering in an ongoing FBI investigation, by openly discrediting and firing the senior most officials in the FBI and putting undue political pressure on others in the Department of Justice (‘DOJ’). And now, he has released a blatantly misleading memo, openly opposed by the Heads of the Intelligence Agencies and the DOJ, as it je

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