The Storm Blew In – With Promise of More Turbulence (#63)

Last night’s interview of Stormy Daniels with Anderson Cooper, on 60 Minutes, was a much anticipated and watched event. Apparently 20 Million viewers tuned in and made this episode of the 60 Minutes the most watched in a decade (the fact that it wasn’t the most watched in history is also telling). The Interview itself was mildly interesting, in places somewhat disappointing, rather dull in the age of common-place extreme titillation, in retrospect kind-of predictable but definitely troublesome for ‘pinball’ President Donald Trump, ricocheting from scandal to scandal, and his out-of-pocket $130,000 attorney, Michael Cohen. The Trump side, including the President, has been consistently denying

Any Which Way – Stormy Daniels Wins, Trump Loses (#62)

Tonight, March 25th, 2018, the most anticipated segment to-date of ’60 Minutes’ will air, with CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewing porn star and hottest news Stormy Daniels. This interview, promises to delve into salacious details of President Trump’s illicit affair with Stormy Daniels from 2006 to 2007, while being married to his wife Melania Trump, who at that time had given birth to their son. Guilty pleasures of listening to the sordid details of a celebrity’s personal life aside, the Nation, and a large part of the World, will be fixated on the details to try and ascertain whether any aspect of this affair might prove effective in puncturing the so far impenetrable coating of ‘Trump-Tefl

The Hollowing-Out of Rex Tillerson (#61)

Rex Tillerson was not a very strong Secretary of State from the day of his appointment. From the very first, he did not exert his authority as a man of substance, though he was, as the long term Chief Executive of one of the World’s largest corporations, Texas-based Exxon Corp. From the day of his appointment as Secretary of State, America’s top Diplomat, Rex Tillerson acted as a low ranking employee in the Trump administration, pushed around, regularly contradicted and therefore publicly insulted by his boss Donald Trump, who did not show enough spine to quit as a person with any heft and dignity would have done long ago, but hung around as a neutered pup regularly whipped by his master. Hi

America’s Nemesis – Trump (#60)

As one watches the daily turbulence and turmoil in America generated by one man alone, the President of the United State, Donald J. Trump, enabled by the morally challenged Republicans, one cannot but help but think the Americans deserve the government they currently have, one that widens the rich and poor gap, penalizes the poor in favor of giving advantages to the wealthy, strips consumer protection, allow greater destruction of the environment, won’t act on common sense solutions to control horrific gun violence, and will tolerate a chaotic President and his administration that is governing the U.S. tantamount to a catastrophic, purposeful and prolonged train wreck. The remaining credibil

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