John McCain, A Rare American Republican (#71)

Senator John McCain, an authentic American war hero, a man of great courage, strength and integrity, a life-long bipartisan public servant, a rare politician with character, and conscience, died on August 25th, 2018 after battling a rare case of aggressive brain cancer, a few days before his birthdate of August 29th, he was 81 years of age. The son and grandson of Navy Admirals, John McCain followed in the family tradition and became a distinguished navy pilot, receiving numerous medals during his naval career, but became most noted for his imprisonment in North Vietnam when he suffered grievous wounds from his plane being shot down, was captured and was additional wounded by his captors, an

The Trump Crime Syndicate is Falling Down (#70)

Syndicate: a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest. For the 2016 Presidential Election, a number of well-placed individuals committed to support a self-obsessed, chronic publicity-hound, businessman of questionable repute, Donald J. Trump, and his bid to become the 45th President of the United States. This syndicate was not only committed, but was not above ‘doing whatever it takes’ to win, just like their candidate. And they did do whatever it took, and they did win. Improbably, Donald Trump became the U.S. President. America has not been the same since. The changes wrought by Donald Trump and his closest advisors and backers, backed by the Republica

A Summer Road Trip – A Time For Rejuvenation (#69)

For those of our readers that had wondered why we were dormant for a while, we took some time off from our observations of a World seemingly hell-bent on going backwards, with increasingly greater number of ‘World Leaders’ pushing it towards eventual species and planetary self-destruction, and undertook an amazing, soul soothing, faith and health restoring - 3300 kms road-trip. The trip was undertaken to show wonderful friends from Belgium one of the most scenic parts of Canada, the Rockies, and some of the wine and fruit growing region of the Province of British Columbia. The Belgians were suitably-awed, as were we, upon revisiting stunning Western Canada having resided in Toronto for the b

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