The Kavanaugh Battle – America’s Civil War (#74)

Some of these truths are self-evident. America has always been divided, coming together only briefly to confront external enemies, the recent standout moments being the Second World War when it was attacked by Japan, and the aftermath of 9/11 when it was attacked by Islamic extremists, mostly from Saudi Arabia. Except for such times, America has always been divided along racial, religious, cultural, ideological, and economic lines, much like most countries. Where America differed was in its relative raw newness as an independent nation, compared to older more rigidified countries, which allowed it to grow to being a vibrant multi-cultural, multi-racial country that thrived on its differences

Hey Kavanaugh: Bill Cosby – Guilty – “Sexually Violent Predator” (#73)

Bill Cosby, a onetime most trusted, admired man, ‘America’s Dad’, was found guilty of sexual abuse and sentenced by Justice Steven O’Neill to 3 to 10 years in jail, and labeled as a ‘sexually violent predator’, requiring a lifetime of monitoring and supervision, with a number of restrictions concerning proximity to schools etc. It is a stunning fall of a man who at one time, in the public’s eye, was beyond reproach. It was a stunning breach of personal and public trust, and a lesson in not relying on the public persona of anyone no matter how ‘respected, or fine, or good’ they may seem. A lesson lost on the Republican Senators and Donald Trump as they pass judgment on the women accusers of B

The Tragedy of 9/11 – And Its Aftermath (#72)

On the anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11 in New York when the landmark Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were brought down with the use of civilian planes as bombs, along with the simultaneous attempt on the Pentagon Building, one reflects on the horrific event with its 3000 plus causalities, and its aftermath. The attack was precipitated by the desire of Islamic extremists to strike back at the United States, on its home soil, for what they perceived to be a long history of exploitation, and constant military, social, commercial and religious persecution by an Imperialist-America against Islamic countries, particularly in North Africa and the Middle East. The cause took on the as

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