Old Scourges – Bad Leadership, Divisive Politics of Race & Religion (#88)

We have all collectively made it to the 21st Century, but we still suffer from the oldest scourges of humanity, the hate and divisiveness caused by the differences in our ideologies, our race and our religious beliefs that threaten our very lives. On a global scale, as countries vie for dominance and power over each other, wars rage on, be they actual wars, or more lately, racial, religious, ideological, and even trade and commerce wars. But regardless of their nature, they foster division and animosity, rather than cooperation and harmony, and they definitely do not change the World for the better. But there are also the internal wars between a country’s different communities, encouraged by

Truth Versus Republican Power – America’s Sell-Out (#87)

Finally, reportedly, there are murmurs of discontent surfacing from Robert Mueller’s investigators that ‘Attorney General William Barr did not do the Mueller Report justice’, in his 4-page summary. It is possibly the most significant, cynical understatement of the year. Significant, because on it hangs the truth about Trump and his teams activities during and after the Election Campaign; cynical, because for years now the Republican Party has proven itself unable to tell the truth, about most anything, so why would it about the Special Counsel’s investigation which could have penetrated the Teflon-like air of invincibility of bad boy Donald J. Trump, and his coterie of Republican lawmakers a

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