India, World’s Largest Democracy – Turns To Modi - In Hindu Hope (#91)

India is the World’s largest true democracy (no ‘Electoral College’), with a population of approximately 1.3 Billion people, and a base of 900 million or so eligible voters of whom an estimated 67% (some 600 Million) voted in this most recent general election. From that perspective, this election was an exercise in democracy that is truly impressive. But beyond that there is a lot that is wrong with India’s political processes and principals. In a country that is most completely defined by its incredible history, diversity of languages, cultures, religions and races, its continuing turn towards the old afflictions of tribalism, separatism, disunity, all rolled into a strategy of magnified id

As Risks Rise – So Seems Market Confidence. What gives? (#90)

Global tensions and adverse developments are at an all time high. Yet, except for brief pullbacks the major stock markets, especially USA’s, seem to take all the global business and political setbacks in stride, and almost immediately return to their positive territory. This upward repeating action does not reflect the current global economic reality, but as in the recent past, it seems to extend the undefeatable attitude of the full-on ‘Quantitative Easing’ (QE) times when the Federal Reserve and the other Central Banks had their backs. The markets seem to be convinced that regardless of the gathering storm of grim economic realities, Trump and the hard-pressed Federal Reserve, along with t

How Is Little Russia - Wagging Big Dog America? (#89)

Modern day Russia is tiny, in every critical aspect of global power, to the one and only true ‘Super-Power’ in the World today – The United States of America – (except geographically, of course). Yet it seems to be in almost complete command of America’s administration through the abjectly servile Donald J. Trump, who cannot help but bow and scrape in front of the diminutive Vladimir Putin, as does his administration, and the enablers - the Republican Senators and Congressmen, which to outside observers is a baffling mystery, as it probably is to Americans. It has now been proven, ad nauseam, that Russia interfered extensively in the American Presidential Election of 2016. The proof is every

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