Trump’s Bizarre Hold - On Cowed Republicans (#101)

One of the great mysteries of our time is how a bombastic, immoral, insufferable, narcissistic clod, and a pathological liar, Donald J. Trump, managed to so easily cow the Republican Party into fearful surrender. In spite of all his past and current failures, like his multitude of failed businesses and bankruptcies, multiple failed marriages, his lack of principles, ethics and integrity, his dubious claim to net wealth, and a demonstrably failed Presidency with not much to show for it but scandalous behavior that precipitated a legion of investigations and proof of wrong-doings, Trump still holds sway over Republican lawmakers fearful of his attacks and abuse if they dare criticize him, or t

The Battle for America – In the Time of Trump (#100)

For ages there has been an ongoing battle for the emergent soul of America. The nation was born of a colonial past and the constant battle for new territories and supremacy among the then competing world powers of Europe and England. America’s emergence was soaked in conquest, rebellion, violence, genocide of the natives, and the shattered lives and blood of African slaves. Out of this violent past came a new nation that has become the supreme power in the world as it developed its vast territories, took its steady flow of constantly changing mix immigrants from all over the old world, and turned them into ‘Americans’. With all its development, industrial and political, in the 4 Centuries or

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