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What Is It With Men? (#4)

It’s Mother's Day! All over traditional and social media one sees the outpouring of good wishes and love for mothers by thankful, dutiful, adoring sons and daughters, public approval seeking political, religious and business leaders, pundits and pontificators.

And that is how it should be. Mothers are the greatest. Without them there would be little to no real love, warmth, comfort, nurturing and sacrifice. Men (Dads) by themselves just cannot provide what mothers can; not most men, and not exactly to the same degree.

So sons and daughters adore their mothers as they should, the World over. In some cases sons are closer to their mothers and more needy of them than the daughters. And one would expect that intense early experience would forever stamp on the son's minds and on their conscience, a deep and abiding love and appreciation for womankind.

But, tragically it doesn't seem to at all. Something happens to make a lot of men grow up, still love their Mom, but become generally discriminatory, and in a lot of cases downright abusive towards women. It seems to be learned behavior because, while the attitude is generally universal, it is progressively worse in the most patriarchal societies.

Firstly, it is inconceivable that men, being endowed with a functioning brain by their creator (whichever Creator they may believe in), cannot relate their mother's worth to every other mother and woman. They simply don't seem to get it, that if their appreciation for their mother is based on all her amazing qualities and her love, then it must be so for mothers in general, and therefore it must also be so for women in general. This simple fact seems to be incomprehensible to most men.

In Asian societies, on the one hand mothers are venerated as goddess by the families, on the other hand every other woman in society is a presumptive whore, and given half the chance, to be treated as such. Generally speaking!

As one reads, or hears on the news, in this day and age, the absolutely appalling and horrific things that are done to women and girls by men, in all societies, but in particular the societies of all cultures and religions that proclaim the most loudly their highest regard for motherhood, piety, honor, and morality, one cannot but wonder about the most basic disconnect, between the much professed love and respect for the 'mother', but hate, contempt and deep disrespect for women, in general.

Secondly, the other thing that has always been mystifying, is the lack of acknowledgement of the most startling fundamental truth that most men don't seem to quite comprehend - especially all those that hold all women to be decidedly inferior to men - without women, there wouldn't be any men born.

The simple fact that men owe their very lives to women seems to escape them. Even 'In the Beginning' God had to create 'woman' to procreate humanity. Without women there would be no procreation and no humanity.

Keeping in mind that without women (mothers) men wouldn't be here, it is appropriate and right for us to honor our mothers. But it is also right and incumbent upon all men to honor and treat with dignity and respect, all women, of all ages, because if one cannot appreciate the finer points of women, then the Neanderthals among us need to remember, at the very least, that without women there would be no men. To put it simply.

Happy Mother's Day!

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