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The Trump of Imperfections (#18)

Donald Trump is a man driven by ambition, and steeped in hubris. No news there. But his first book ‘The Art of The Deal’ identified him as such when it came out in 1987. In it he boasted about his superior abilities in business with only dramatic successes, no failures, his superior intelligence and smarts, and the uncommon strength of his marriage to his first wife, Ivana, and their higher quality and morals as a couple, compared to other celebrities whose personalities were shallower, and therefore their marriages not as rock solid.

It was the early version of the classic boastful, infallible Trump we all have come to know so well these past months of the US Presidential election, in which he is the Republican candidate.

A Trump that is sure that he is the absolute best of the lot that could run as a potential candidate for US President, everyone else being just not as good, and believing in the quality and strength of his convictions, that just won’t stand up to test of time: his business record didn’t (subsequently six bankruptcies); his marriage(s) didn’t, he is on his 3rd now; and the third may not last after the recent disclosures of ongoing infidelity, years of sexual predatory behavior, unsolicited sexual advances on unsuspecting women, and new allegations of unwanted sexual advances and possible sexual assaults emerging now on almost a daily basis.

The Trump we all have come to know, does not allow the considerable fallibility of his nature, and the weaknesses of his many failed endeavors to intrude upon the glossed version of his reality of his life, his personal and business record, and his personal and professional relationships. They are all, the very best, super, huge and hugely tremendous.

Trump is so promotion and fame conscience that he has tirelessly promoted himself for years, even going so far as to assume false identities to promote his fake persona.

Trump prefers living in the alternative reality of ‘Trump perfection’ that doesn’t exist. In fact the opposite may be closer to the truth, he lives a larger than life – life of great accomplishments, but a life of even greater imperfections.

That would be fine as it is certainly Trump's choice and his life, but he decided to impose his larger than life imperfections on the country, the United States of America, as a Presidential candidate, and through that exercise, imposed it on the World. That is inherently dangerous for us all, and then that makes his ingrained hubris, his predatory nature, his ignorance on most non-business subjects, his lack of truthfulness, his lack of sincerity, his host of imperfections, our collective problem.

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