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Vintage Trump Reasserts Control (#25)

The past few days were tough and getting tougher for President Trump and his White House team members. The controversies about Russian connections that have dogged him and his team for the past weeks, seem to be gaining size and momentum, and had started to rise to a fever pitch to the degree that Republican Senators and Congressmen had started to call for investigations into all the allegations of contacts, and possible collusion, between Russia officials and Trump’s campaign team.

The firing (resigning) of General Flynn as his Head of National Security, for not telling the truth to Vice President Mike Pence about the content of his conversations with the Russian Ambassador, had given legitimacy to all the criticism and speculation that had been swirling in the media till then. And it became all too difficult to brush it off as ‘Fake News’ as the President had been doing till then.

The seeming legitimacy of the allegations (because of the firing of Flynn) had started to turn some of the Republicans against him (reluctant till then) which posed a significant growing threat to his agenda, and in the worst case scenario, against his Presidency.

Donald Trump felt that these factors were going unfairly against him, just as he felt that he and his ‘well-oiled machine’ were just starting to get going. Trump knew he had to turn that tide, and today, he took action to try and reverse the direction of that tide, and did it forcefully.

President Donald Trump’s news conference at noon today (started late) was the vintage, canny, combative Trump who knew what the trouble was, and what he needed to do to try and fix it.

He knew that he cannot win over the majority of America at this time, and in fact was keenly aware of the 'Hate’ that was out there concerning him, in main stream media, and in the majority of the public. So he zeroed in on that which he knew he could do, and needed to do, to initiate damage control from all the controversies swirling around his administration. He spoke to his base.

Donald Trump knew shrewdly, that if he got his base re-energized and really fired-up, then he would make it very difficult for most of the Republican Senators and Congressmen, who were starting to drift, to go against him, or support independent possibly damaging investigations into that which might harm him and his administration.

So in the News Conference he spoke to his base as he systematically ticked off his accomplishments and campaign promises that he had accomplished in the short time he has been in office.

He reinforced the difficulties he was facing as he took over; the ‘Total Mess’ he inherited; the 'Fake News' disseminated by the 'Dishonest Media’; the Russian controversy as the ‘Ruse’ by his opponents and the dishonest media to detract the public from all the tremendous accomplishments of his administration, in the 'Shortest Time Ever'; the inherent dishonesty of Hillary Clinton supported by the equally dishonest mainstream media; the largest margin win by electoral votes that he won of any Presidency (although he was called on that immediately and told it was not true); the returning businesses and jobs; the securer borders; the near future of safer and better inner cities; the revitalized war on drugs; the 'Wall'; dangerous and 'Illegal Leaks'; and everything else he could fit into the hour and 15 minutes he spoke and took questions. For the most part he was candid and open (more so than for a long time) and willing to take on all comers in the media. From his support base perspective it was a masterful performance.

It was vintage Trump and he pulled off what he had set out to do. He will start to fight back the attacks on him by having a very supportive loud and demanding public, contact their government representatives, and will make them back him rather than oppose him in the Republican Party, the Senate and the Congress. And as the Republicans have effective control on all major parts of the government, they are the only ones that matter to him at this time of crisis management. The Democrats he can afford to ignore. If he can make the vast majority of Republicans in Washington support him and subvert the Democrat’s demands and objections, then he has won, again.

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