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Crassness ‘Trump’ is Thy Name (#27)

There are approximately 7 Billion people in this World, of which far too many are particularly crass and crude as far as human civility goes, and one could argue they contribute significantly to the high level of conflict and contention currently rife everywhere. And then to add to the North American and global civility woes, comes Donald Trump, and takes dishonesty, incivility, pure crassness, and to this point at least, utter incompetence to an entirely new level.

Trump’s dramatic entrance on the 'Global Stage', first as an aggressively ambitious, mildly annoying narcissistic businessman, publicity hungry to the point of impersonating someone else in phone calls to commentators to get air time to praise himself, to an incivil Republican Presidential Nominee, who destroyed a mediocre lineup of other uninspiring Republican aspirants with personal insults, to the (God help us) most crass and boorish U.S. President possible, an event that would have been deemed impossible hereunto now, but as it actually happened, destroying our faith in (thought till now) a largely just and benign Universe.

When we say ‘our faith’, we of course speak of people that are Liberal, Progressive, more civil than not, and for the most part responsible for the advancement of humanity from beyond the primitive ‘kill or be killed – eat or be eaten – might is right’ kind - the self-obsessed creed of which, Worldwide, doesn’t lift us all very much above the primordial goo from whence we once emerged, a long time ago.

There are those of course that see Donald Trump differently. The ones that voted for him and helped him win the U.S. Presidency. But, by and large these are the same ones that voted in the George W. Bush, Dick Chaney, and Don Rumsfeld triumvirate that gave us the unjust Iraq and Afghanistan wars that have ultimately destroyed the Middle East, contributed mightily to the rise and blow-back of the radical Islamic terrorism, and the further radicalized off shoot, ISIS, from which the entire World is now suffering, wasted Trillions of dollars (of course their personal business interests in Oil and War Contracts, through such American corporations as the infamous ‘Halliburton’ were benefactors of some of those Trillions), indebted the American public, killed millions of innocent civilians in those wars, while staying happily insulated from the gross lies, violence and ill effects themselves.

So, the people that voted ‘IN’ Donald Trump have not a lot of credibility towards supporting the goals of general American or human advancement, or the lesser bar of cultivating and advancing simple civility, in behavior and discourse, where Donald Trump particularly fails miserably, on both counts.

Since Donald Trump became the President of the United States, he has proved, on a daily basis, his singular incapacity to be ‘Presidential’ and his glaring ‘unfitness’ for that high and most powerful office.

Not only has he lied consistently and continues to do so almost daily, but he is incapable of taking responsibility for his wide-spread, well-earned, vociferous unpopularity, his myriad gaffes and stunning mistakes, his most annoying habit of blaming others for all things not right (particularly blaming Obama), and, for casting even the best of scenarios, or normality for that matter, as ‘terrible, horrible, sad, bad, a huge mess’ to lower the bar for himself, when clearly they are not, and everybody over the age of 10 (perhaps younger) can discern it readily.

Fact checkers immediately disprove him, but facts and reality does not deter him from claiming otherwise, on national and international television and twitter, thereby daily disqualifying himself as a civil and dignified President, and repeatedly re-qualifying himself as a crass and incredibly boorish person.

His speech tonight to the Joint Houses of Congress will be more of the same, crass braggadocio combined with laments of how bad things are/were, and trumpeting of how good - ‘very good, fabulous, much better than anyone ever’ - he is going to make them.

We would like to say ‘good luck’, but not to him, to the people listening all over the World. We are all going to need it, just to survive the daily abrasions of his incivil personality, forget his proposed but ever changing policies ("no one knew how complicated HealthCare was" – Really?!) where neither the math nor the logic stand up to the scantiest scrutiny.

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