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The Bull That’s Wrecking America, Not The China Shop (#31)

Donald Trump is so destructive on so many fronts that he is like a rampaging Spanish Pamplona bull that got away from the sealed off running area and is now loose destroying the entire town, piling up causalities of every moral, physical, principal and policy description to the ever growing horror of all spectators. And like a rampaging bull there is no method to the madness, unlike the ‘Raging Bull’ where aggression was used strategically, this is sheer folly let loose in a bout of momentary political madness, by delusional but hopeful seekers of a long lost World.

America’s lost greatness (if indeed lost) isn’t going to be recaptured by a greater delusional, divisive, destroyer than the entire band of liars in the last Republican administration that destroyed the Middle East, the American and the global economy, in one destabilizing untruthful swoop.

It is also mind boggling, and to a degree infuriating, that those of us that don’t live in the U.S. find it impossible to look away and mind our own business. But it’s difficult, if not impossible, to focus on the regular issues of daily life, of the seemingly sane (by comparison) pre-Trump World, with the almost hourly distracting sounds of new damage being inflicted on our closet neighbor, and from the tremors that ripple outwards to the rest of us.

To be fair, we are not entirely free of the perverse pleasure everyone feels in watching the mayhem being perpetrated by the proverbial ‘bull in the china shop’ that is the running-amok Donald Trump.

In this increasingly integrated World, the systematic destruction being wreaked by Trump in the U.S. is going to have far reaching effects around the globe, and the rest of the global citizens have no option but to pay attention, even if there is little we can do about it except recoil in horror and sound some sort of alarm. And of course we feel great empathy for the majority of the American people who did not want him in the least, but are now caught in a living nightmare from which there is little chance of escape anytime soon. Particularly, as the Republican Party for the most part, are quite happy to shield and cover him, to maintain complete power, even if the cost of power is at America’s well being.

Surely no sane person anywhere in the World would want to condone and cover such a reckless, hypochondriac rogue, who considers himself the smartest man in the entire U.S. of A.

Singly, Donald Trump far surpasses the former Enron, another entity that was built on endless lies and hubris, with its delusionary ‘smartest guys in the room’ mindset. Come to think of it, this may be a good time to remember what happened to Enron, CEO Ken Lay, and the rest, as they inflated themselves to an explosive spectacular end, on falsehoods, pure deception and unsurpassed hubris.

And just like Enron, Trump is beyond the ability to change his internal makeup and will persist in his erratic destructive ways to the bitter but predictable end. This is no prophesying, but simply the awareness that nothing good and lasting was ever built on lies, deception and abnormal hubris.

The two areas that affect every person in the World more or less directly are global trade, and more alarmingly, for the long term damage it can cost, climate change.

After the 2008 financial economic crisis, unfortunately also made in the U.S. and then exported abroad, the global economic output and the accompanying levels of World trade, took a serious hit.

In an early macro economic analysis at, starting in September of 2012, we had foreseen the difficulties economic growth and free flowing trade would have in returning to pre-crash levels, with the questionable recurring rounds of extraordinary monetary stimulus, the so-called Quantitative Easing Programs (QE1, QE2, & QE3) as the overarching recovery policy.

Well, we are right as the World struggled to restore is former growth trajectory, or even regain its former sense of stability. Now, in the past year or so some signs of an uneasy stabilization were starting to take hold under the Obama administration led global effort. We did not agree with the continuing, (almost endless) overall strategy of the Fed and Central Bank led recovery programs with vast amounts of printed money, and didn’t think them or the feeble recovery sustainable, but they did keep it all together long enough for a glimmer of to have started to shine.

But people’s patience ran out and a conscienceless snake oil salesman saw the simmering discontent and went around loudly condemning the authentic leadership while promising instant (“immediately – from day one”) relief from all ailments. Enough people bought the bottled BS to vault him into place of overall leadership, and the pole position for wreaking maximum damage.

And Donald Trump has not disappointed. The snake oil turned out to be snake oil, the leadership traits deeply flawed and cartoonish, the lies almost daily, the promises empty, and the damage extensive. And it’s only within the first 100 days of him being in power.

The people of America, and the World, have looked at his work so far, and found it to be not good. In fact a failure.

And to add insult to injury, he has not done China any harm. He ranted how he would bring cheating, unfair, manipulating China to heel. Scrap all rules of trade with it, and exact a heavy price for all the years of getting rich on the back of poor old sold-down-the-creek America. He promised how he would turn the tide of goods flow around and bring jobs and dollars flooding back to America.

He started strong by denying the ‘One China Policy’, and by threatening belligerent military force in the contentious South China Sea. Everyone was a bit impressed and awed by thinking that Donald was really playing hardball and using the much touted negotiating skills that he so often had bragged about. But one phone call with the taciturn President of China, Xi, and Trump abandoned all posturing of aggression, gave up positions of any advantage and quickly toed the conventional line. Now he will wait docilely at his Florida retreat for President Xi Jinping to come and buy it off him, as he could buy Trump with his weekend pocket change.

The tough talking rampaging bull, let loose in America, is destroying America systematically. But by all indications he is leaving the China-Shop entirely intact.

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