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The Election That Reversed A Scary Trend (#34)

Recent past seemed to suggest the World had jammed itself into a political reverse gear, with global unity and openness of past three decades turning inward onto itself, into isolationism, distrust and protectionism, both trade and nationalism wise, with Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and others, that pushed global humanity backwards while promising the trend’s supporters individual and national progress.

The trend seemed so pervasive that France’s recent election was viewed with great trepidation as a possible sealing of the latest destructive move into a globally threatening breakup of the European Union (EU) through the election of the ultra right-wing, ultra-nationalist, Marine Le Pen. Thankfully, it did not happen, and instead France’s election became a welcome resounding reversal of a dark, threatening and malicious trend, with the World breathing a huge and collective sigh of relief for having escaped a potentially devastating geo-political-economic bullet.

The huge intractable problems created by the financial crisis of 2008, lingering till today, have brought on politicians seeking power by promising quick relief to complex global problems, through closing of borders and isolating populations internally, keeping foreigners out, and reviving dormant oversupplied economies.

It’s a simple appealing plan that seduces the struggling masses that neither understand the complexities of the real economic problems, nor want to. They just want quick relief that is readily and falsely promised by the less than truthful politicians that in normal times would not have stood a chance of being taken seriously, like Donald Trump of the U.S.

Even the Brexit vote came about based on half truths and outright lies that were quickly discarded and ignored after the political win. Similarly, Marine Le Pen sensed an historic opportunity by following the seemingly successful formula of promoting fear and blaming of outsiders, as main cause of, and the root of the national problems of the country, and in doing so, got fellow fear-mongering Trump’s full endorsement.

Fortunately, the French people overwhelmingly rejected the isolationism, fear-mongering, and division preached by the far-right Le Pen, the example of a retracting Britain from the EU through Brexit, and the destructive policies of a truth and fact challenged Trump.

Instead, by embracing the relatively unknown but fiercely centrist and inclusive Emmanuel Macron, unapologetic supporter of the EU, and France’s continued presence and prominent role in it, and France’s continued openness to all, the French people bravely bucked the current regressive trend and won for the rest of forward looking humanity, a decisive trend defying victory.

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