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Dictatorship American-Style (#35)

Donald Trump acts to protect himself and his associates from an ever encroaching FBI led investigation that was perhaps getting to close for comfort. So he fired James Comey, Director of the FBI, who refused to publicly exonerate him, and was the man who was heading the investigation into Trump and his associates, and their relationships with Russia.

To fire the man that is investigating you is a rare privilege that Trump the President was not shy to exploit, even if it broke all laws of expected behavior from the President of the United States, and invited comparisons with the infamous law breaking former President Richard Nixon. Trump’s latest actions also put him solidly in the ranks of dictatorial regimes that he so admires, as they are above the law of their countries and in fact make their own law to suit their own purposes (Putin of Russia; Erdogan of Turkey; Duterte of Philippines; etc.).

The reasons given for the firing are downright comical and pretty much taken as such by most. To think that Comey should be fired for his mishandling of Hillary Clinton’s email investigations, after Trump praised Comey, repeatedly and loudly, for precisely those same actions is beyond incredulous. But it’s not the reasons that are important, the dastardly deed needed to be done and Trump used whatever pretext that seemed adequate to get it done. Now the question is – will Trump be successful in shutting down the investigation against him and his associates being undertaken by the FBI, and its former much too independent Director, which is by most accounts the real reason for the firing.

It would seem Trump may have miscalculated the outcome of his simplistic solution. Not surprising as the whole Presidential World seems a tad too complicated for the man who just wants to be rich and famous, without all the complications of being answerable to so many. That’s why his envy for legitimate dictators who do not have to worry about being answerable.

But in acting out his many daily Presidential fantasies, Trump is obliviously unaware that he is actively changing the carefully cultivated decades old image of the United States as the leading democratic liberal country that is answerable to its people.

The advent of an autocratic Trump and his many shocking tradition busting antics is indelibly changing the image of a humanitarian, liberal valued America, into an authoritarian elite ruled country that seems far too similar to other countries with self-serving leaders that only pay lip service to democratic processes and institutions.

America’s loss of pole position in the Democratic World has had the improbable consequence of Communist China offering to lead the World in openness, environmental protection, and global trade. Such magnitude of change in America’s profile in about 3 months of Trump’s chaotic reign is testament to the fragility of true democracy and true government of the people, by the people.

After all, Trump’s self-serving agendas would not be possible without the active support of the governing Republicans in both the Houses, who so far have active encouraged and let him get away with deeply hurtful policies to the average American, be it in healthcare, financial regulations, or water and air quality protection.

Nor have the Republicans, for the most part, worried about America’s changing image and loss of leadership in the global rankings as the World’s leading true democracy that is now under active attack by Trump and cronies, and their partner in crime Russia.

For most Republicans, as with Trump, it’s been more important as to who disclosed the wrongdoings of Flynn than the wrongdoings themselves. Even if those wrong doings jeopardized America’s most sacred democratic institutions, such as its elections, and its global image, integrity and security. Self-interest before National-interest, now that’s dictatorship, American-style under Trump and his cronies.

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