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The Selling of America (#36)

The Republicans have sold America to commercial and political interests, domestic and foreign, to the point of significant setbacks for American credibility globally, with Donald Trump in the role of the battering ram that slams in daily incredulous sanity defying dents into what was once a recognizable America.

It is quite extraordinary to watch the active betrayal of America’s interest, be it in policies that undermine the healthcare of the majority; or financial and consumer protection regulations that after the last excess induced economy and life destroying catastrophe in 2008, were put in place to protect Americans from criminal levels of corporate greed; or environmental protections that safeguarded the quality of water and air, which one would think is self evident that all Americans benefit from.

But perhaps, the most shocking betrayal is in the silence or deflection by the majority of the Republican law-makers when it came to the proven meddling of Russia, the proven interaction of Trump surrogates, like Mike Flynn and others, with Russian counterparts that demonstrably damaged the most fundamental American democratic institutions like the 2016 Presidential Elections, and have compromised the Presidency itself by an openly pro-Russia President that for some strange and hereto unknown reason delights in dictatorial and human-rights crushing Russian leadership, while actively undermining American leadership efforts past and present.

The Republican silence regarding the daily damage being done by Trump to America’s interests is both stunning and in the larger context of betrayals regarding Russia, are bordering on being treasonous.

The Republicans have waited 8 long years of unbearable (for them) Obama Presidency to regain power. And this time, unexpectedly and almost miraculously they gained complete political power. But, instead of viewing the total grip on power as the opportunity to really transform America into its innovative leading best, the Republicans have with almost horrific lack of imaginative thinking reverted back to their excessively frayed and discredited favorite standbys, exploitive crass commercial healthcare system that does not work, and is the justifiable laughingstock of the developed World, and the age old and equally discredited tax reform song and dance routine that inevitably increases deficit spending (as it did under Ronald Reagan and the two subsequent Bushs), increases inequality and is almost always shamelessly for the wealthy, with an equally demonstrably corroding effect on the economy (not to mention the inflating effect on the already crushing national debt).

Apart from the severe and damaging lack of imaginative and coherent thinking, as demonstrated by the past 100 plus days in power, when the Republicans led by the equally clueless and incompetent Trump as their President, initiated a number of policy actions that were a study in irresponsibility and incompetence, and now are most conspicuous by their absence in voicing any meaningful objection to a President that is demonstrably irresponsible and possibly treasonously unhinged when it comes to undermining America’s interest in favor of Russia’s.

For an American President to invite Russia’s top officials into the White House, bar the American Press, allow only Russian Press, and then disclose to them classified information, without the participation or knowledge of his security officials, to the point the National Security Advisor is clueless as to what really happened, is so far beyond the pale of what would be acceptable in a normal America that it leaves everyone reeling – except the Republican Congressmen and Senators, who seem disinterested as long as their dummy President continues to sign whatever they put in front of him, without reading, as they sell America to special interests, domestic and foreign.

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