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Republican Crafted ‘TrumpCare’ – America Shafted Again (#41)

After hiding behind closed doors like boys up to no good and indulging in something shameful, the Republican leaders emerged after drafting a Healthcare Bill in the Donald’s own image that turned everything he had promised about healthcare into a Big Fat Lie. After all, it was he who not too long ago that stated emphatically, that his healthcare plan would cover everyone with far less cost than ObamaCare (hated by him and the Republican leadership, but liked by most everyone else).

After 8 years and 5 months Mitch McConnell and others at the top of the Republican Party did not disappoint, and emerged from the dark conscienceless caverns they had retreated into with a "mean" spirited vilely-crafted healthcare plan that shamefacedly sold out the average American to the equally conscienceless greed-infested Healthcare Industry, and the wealthiest of Americans.

Now, the fact that the American people deserve the government they have, still does not inoculate one from the shock of the sheer gall of the Republican leadership that makes deals with the Insurance Industry behind closed doors, but has no compunction to come out and openly table a document that lays out the brazen sellout of the majority of American voters, while lacerating them further by giving the rich a massive tax cut to boot, to add insult to injury.

The mind blowing aspect of all of this is how tamely, like sheep to repeated shearing, the American public accepts this Republican abuse while being force fed the biggest lie, that private healthcare insurance is the most competitive and therefore makes the best coverage possible, at the least cost, to all that can afford it. The mantra being that America is the bastion of the free market economy and anything run or administered by the government cannot be any good. On both counts they are wrong. America has not been an entirely free market economy for a very long time. Not since the Federal Reserve has taken a direct and active interest in ‘guiding’ the economy with unlimited printed money given almost solely to top 10%. And, not since those in power have bought favorable regulations, and manipulated markets and prices of everything from commodities to stocks/bonds, real estate and of course politicians. Even now, Mitch McConnell and company have consulted more with Industry than with other lawmakers and certainly a lot more than with the public, into crafting this particular healthcare bill. Plus, there are glaring examples of far better government run healthcare plans in other advanced countries. In fact, Canada, Britain, Australia, Germany and many other advanced countries have full coverage for ALL their citizens at approximately (and on the average) at HALF the cost per patient. So it’s a lie that governments can’t do better. This LIE has been foisted on the Americans for decades, and even in this day and age of global communications, and open access to all knowledge (Google), the American public continues to be force fed it, and continues to swallow it in its entirety, to their extreme disadvantage.

The developed countries that have far superior healthcare systems at significantly lesser costs, have wealth, free market economies, democratic political systems, and standards of living comparable or surpassing the Americans. But unlike the Americans they have body healing, mind and soul nourishing (peace-of-mind), ‘Universal Healthcare’ with far less cost per patient, AND less cost as a percentage of GDP, for decades, without the endless uncertainty, wrangling, lies and deception of the United States. In these countries, people facing serious medical requirements do not go without proper medical treatment, and neither do they go broke. All citizens are fully covered all the time.

That is the kind of healthcare plan that Donald Trump dreamt of during his campaign, but like his other promises, he said it because it sounded good, not because he believed he could deliver it. Donald Trump doesn’t worry too much about the delivering part of his many big promises as he knows they are never going to come to fruition, and he also knows people will accept whatever far-fetched excuse he comes up with to dismiss the non-result: like building the Wall and “Mexico will pay for it!!”; draining the Swamp; firing Wall Street; beating up China on trade and tagging it a currency manipulator; not allowing North Korea to test any more rockets/bombs (with 5-6 tests later); and bringing back the offshore jobs and the money.

Most of it – ain’t happening. Already he was talking at his latest rally about making the Wall "a Solar Wall", and making the energy generated from it pay for it, so Mexico has to pay less (who knew he had such altruistic fancy green energy schemes, just to help Mexico?) that also from a coal guy? And then he lied about the coal industry jobs he created since he’s been President, in true Trump fashion, in grossly exaggerated numbers. Nothing that Trump says means anything and neither do his statements about his ‘great - best’ healthcare plan.

The citizens of other developed countries have incredible peace of mind, every single one of them, to know they do not have to worry about needing medical services for themselves and their family members, at any time, ever. These systems are not perfect, and have aspects that could do better, but they are light years ahead of the American system, and there is nothing in them, including wait times for non-life-threatening conditions that jeopardize the citizens who need medical treatment, at times right away. All citizens are covered for all medical treatment. That is a statement no American can make, perhaps ever. Certainly not with the newly minted Mitch McConnell and company crafted ‘TrumpCare’ that is going to in fact, strip coverage away from millions of Americans who have it currently, and give a huge tax break to the wealthy on top of that. Now that’s ballsy.

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