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North Korea’s Challenge to Trump (#42)

When Donald Trump became President-elect of the United States of America, he let the World know that he would not allow North Korea to conduct any more missile tests. In fact, early this year and days before his Inauguration, upon being told that North Korea planned to carry out a missile test, he stated emphatically, by twitter, “It won’t happen!”.

Well, it did happen, and many times. In fact so many times that Kim Jung-un, the Leader of North Korea, made a mockery of Trump through the multiple tests he ordered North Korea to carry out since that tweet, in direct defiance.

The latest (successful), missile test, was of a missile that experts believe could be a long range Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) prototype that could reach Alaska, and if allowed to continue North Korea would have the capability to reach the lower 48 States. This type of missile, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, is precisely the threat that Trump vowed not to let happen.

Kim Jung-un has called Trump’s bluff, and unsurprisingly Trump came up wanting. It is not unexpected, as anyone that had a modicum of knowledge of the difficulty of the North Korean situation, would not have made such a rash statement, but Trump was uninformed and ignorant of the realities of the problem as usual, and instead of educating himself first, shot-off a tough sounding statement, playing at political theater, as is his wont. Plus, as also is his wont, Trump criticized the efforts of the previous U.S. Presidents, particularly his favorite punching bag President Barack Obama, for exercising ‘strategic patience’. Now that Kim Jung-un has basically give ‘the bird’ to Trump and America, we all await with baited breath to see how this ‘modern President’ tackles North Korea differently from his previous counterparts.

For now, Trump has been reduced to stating rather plaintively that South Korea and Japan won’t stand for it, and that China should initiate in some non-specific (to quote Trump) “heavy move” to ‘stop this nonsense’. At the G-20 meetings, he is going to try and marshal the other countries to try and bring additional pressure on North Korea. Being ignorant of history, he is already complaining that China did not do more, unaware that his hopes for China was ignorant and naïve at best.

Trump has finally come to the realization; there are no good options available in trying to stop North Korea’s open Nuclear-ICBM plans and programs. Whether he realizes that North Korea won’t stop, as its nuclear program has already proved to be a deterrent, so far, to the American favorite foreign policy game of ‘regime change’, is still unclear. It will be interesting to see what his reaction will be when he finally realizes that fact. We predict he will lay the blame of his inability to carry through with his threats, on the previous administrations, especially Obama.

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