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An American Mass Murder So Horrific - ISIS wants to own it! (#50)

Since the mass murder in Las Vegas last night, an act of internal terror, the American news has been tying itself in knots trying to understand why a seemingly ordinary (a supposed real estate millionaire not a disenfranchised struggling angry American), retired 64 years old from a ‘sleepy’ town in Nevada, would massacre ordinary pleasure seeking fellow Americans, at a Country Western Music Concert in the city of pleasure itself, Las Vegas. So far neither the news media, nor the officials investigating this shocking but rather distressingly common occurrence in America have been able to find any clues whatsoever, as to why an ordinary man, Stephen Paddock, would take it upon himself to massacre other ordinary Americans in cold blood.

Neither the man’s history, nor his family members, could provide any insight as they tried to deal with their own shock at his apparent unexpected behavior. But regardless, ISIS was so moved with admiration for the scale and scope of the horror that Stephen Paddock inflicted on fellow Americans that they tried to claim it. It was an act of terror that they could only dream of.

While the mystery as to Stephen Paddock’s motivations to massacre fellow Americans in cold blood may never be fully resolved, as he killed himself just before being apprehended, two things are absolutely crystal clear: one - mass shootings in America are a regular occurrence and they will not stop; and two - the ridiculously lax gun laws and America’s love of guns and violence, be it in sports or in its continuous wars waged abroad practically since its formation, or in the movies, TV and other forms of entertainment, will assure greater and more deadly violence at home in the future. Because, in spite of the horror of this incident - it being the largest mass shooting in recent American history - absolutely nothing is going to change; the same arguments are going to be thrashed out by the same parties once more, and the same stalemate will prevail - with only one certainty - more guns will be sold in America as Americans stock up to even more ridiculous levels ‘to defend themselves’ from each other, ‘others’, and their own government (the entire argument for the sacred 2nd Amendment to the Constitution). This is of course well beyond the over-the-top funded Armed Forces in the World (more than the next 5 countries combined). The insecurity that the Americans feel from the rest of the World, and from each other, is unprecedented in the Western World.

The only people who do not have to deal with this level of violence with such regularity, are the citizens of countries where guns are prohibited or strictly controlled, which are most of the other developed countries, and most other countries (except a few that are just as violent as America, in Latin/South America, and some in Asia/Africa). Citizens of practically all ‘Developed Countries’ continue to watch in fascinated horror as after each internal mass shooting, Americans argue and buy more guns and then do it all over again, after the next incident – ad-infinitum.

There is no use in arguing for better gun controls in America, for that is an argument so well worn and lost, that the argument - all people, Black and White, are created equal - is a relatively new argument in comparison, and that is a 400 year old argument which is still not settled in America, as attested to by the recent ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Take-a-Knee’ protests.

The Democrats are already screaming blue murder since the massacre last night. But they have done so after every horrific internal mass shooting, to absolutely no avail.

Heck, even after the massacre of twenty (20) 6-7 year old children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and 6 adult staff members, by a 20 year old with no prior indications of his intent to unleash this horror, a motivated Democratic President and his Party were unable to change anything whatsoever, not even advance a ban on automatic weapons. That inaction of course allowed Stephen Paddock to kill and injure upward of 400 people efficiently and indiscriminately, as he had acquired an automatic weapon, and used it to devastating effect.

If the massacre of pre-schoolers and annual regular mass shootings isn’t enough to move a nation to change its gun laws drastically, then nothing about this shooting is going to move the gun lovers, the NRA, and the Republican Party that backs open gun ownership to allow change in the gun laws. Their comically ridiculous argument that ‘guns don’t kill people – people do’, conveniently leaves out the self-evident logic, that guns are made, solely for the purpose of killing other human beings, or other living things.

Guns are designed and built for one purpose, and one purpose alone – to kill - period! Apart from that singular purpose, guns don’t serve any other purpose at all, even remotely. They make terrible tools for digging, lifting, cleaning or any other mundane job humans undertake daily. Guns are made solely for killing other people as Stephen Paddock so ably demonstrated in Vegas last night.

And yes, people mass kill people, with guns – but if guns weren’t available so readily, it’s pretty hard to imagine a person killing these many people, in this short space of time, with a knife, a baseball bat, or even a truck. America’s statistics would drop drastically to match other developed countries with which it can be fairly compared to in the West.

Is anything going to change in America after this tragic incident? Probably not.

Obviously guns are more precious to Americans than American lives. For that enduring love of guns, and the unfettered access to any type of gun, under the much abused protection of the 2nd Amendment, which was written at the formation of the United States when the ‘Colonies’ were still fighting the ‘Colonial Powers’ such as Great Britain for their independence, and ‘well regulated militias’ were needed to fight the British army, or any other foreign army, and Thomas Jefferson assured that all newly minted Americans could and had the ‘Right to bear Arms’ - yes from those early self-defense days, to these regularly occurring self-inflicted mass-murder days, more lives will continue to be sacrificed in America, for the right to own and use, unfettered, more GUNS.

For those of us on the outside, we can only observe in disbelief the senselessness of such recurring tragedies, and the seeming inability of the American people to change anything as the shootings get more frequent, more shocking in scale, scope and slaughter, to the point of being the envy of ISIS itself (a truly black and dubious achievement from which America must turn).

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