Lies, Damn Lies - Trumpism (#54)

Since just over a year ago, when Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump got elected as the next President of the United States, all norms expected of the American President’s Office and his administration’s behavior have been so violated that the extreme and outrageous abnormalities with which Donald Trump and his team of handpicked inner circle have behaved, is now the new normal of the absurd, bordering on the criminal. To think that a modern day American administration would be defined by its lies, is simply damnable.

Trump’s core support base doesn’t seem to mind his lies, as apparently to them his outrageous behavioral sins are what they elected him for (they should be warned: "to be careful what you wish for"). And predictably the Republican Party doesn’t really mind, as Trump is their ticket to ramming home all the destructive policies that only they and their special interest groups can dream up – the gutting of environmental and consumer protection, the gutting of financial institutional regulations, the furthering of interests of big corporations, the enrichment of the Pentagon with its obscenely bloated budgets and endless penchant for destructive wars, further enrichment of the rich, and the gutting of ordinary struggling Americans, who ironically look to Trump and the Republicans for their economic salvation.

Memories are short amongst the electorate as they seem to have totally forgotten that it was Republican administrations that gave them the worst and most destructive wars, where so many young Americans were sacrificed in the name of meaningless slogans and shifting alliances, dubious political and economic goals, and that it was the same Republican administrations that brought them the greatest financial and economic ruin in modern times, the crisis of 2008.

The soaring deficits during Obama’s two terms after 2008 were the result of his response to the greatest financial and economic crisis triggered by the reckless policies of the previous Republican administrations. The loose monetary policies and the accompanying national debt which Obama accelerated dramatically after the crisis of 2008, and which saved the American and global economy, and are still showing results with a growing economy, historically low unemployment rates, and soaring stock markets, which Donald Trump and the Republicans couldn’t stop criticizing when Obama was in office, but now take total credit for without so much as blinking, and have no plans to change anytime soon, in spite of mounting risks.

Instead, Trump and the Republicans are desperately pushing through a Tax Bill in the Senate that will, according to bi-partisan analysis, grow the debt by a cool one Trillion Dollars, so that the un-needy – the record profit making corporations, banks and Wall Street, and the Millionaires and Billionaires, get further reductions in taxes and save on estate taxes, while the average Americans get suckered with false promises of tax cuts that reverse over time, better jobs and wages from returning jobs that aren’t really going to happen, due to labor costs and automation, and obfuscation of probable cuts to the medical and social services they so desperately need, but will have to sacrifice, to pay for the favors to the rich.

Oh, the shame of the shameless.

The entire Trump tenure so far has been built on lies, and as of lately, is starting to unravel.

Trump has energetically, through relentless persistence and application, earned the reputation, Worldwide, as the most vociferously lying World leader in recent history. And now his closest advisor, confident, National Security Advisor and all around ‘great guy’, retired former General Michael Flynn, on whose behalf Trump had actively intervened with former FBI Head James Comey, who was investigating him, just pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in a ‘Plea Bargain Deal’ with the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, investigating possible collusion of Trump’s Campaign with Russian operatives; a charge that Trump and his gang, including his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has denied repeatedly, but just as repeatedly have been found to be untruthful on, forcing consistent amendments to their statements.

A ‘Plea Bargain Deal’ means that the Special Prosecutor has agreed to let Michael Flynn off the hook on a number of charges that he was facing, and prosecute him only on one, ‘lying to the FBI’, for providing evidence on someone that the Special Prosecutor considers of even greater value than Flynn. In his Court documents today, the former National Security Advisor is pointing upward towards President Trump and a Senior most Advisor on the ‘Transition Team’ that some are speculating is Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. As Mike Flynn spills the beans on his then superiors, more indictments from Robert Mueller, ever closer to Trump are certain in the coming weeks.

Additionally, what this indictment of Michael Flynn does is to put to rest the persistent claim by President Trump and his ardent Republican supporters that these ongoing ‘Russia’ investigations, in the Senate by the Senate Intelligence Committee, and by the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, are nothing but a ‘Witch Hunt’, phoney and fake, and an attempt by the Democrats to undo his election victory.

Well, with one of his most senior officials having just admitted guilt for lying to the FBI when they were questioning him about contacts with Russian officials, including Russian Ambassador Kislyak, it just took away Trump’s and his supporters favorite excuse for dismissal of these serious investigations.

And, Michael Flynn has already taken away all future excuses from Trump and his apologists by stating, in Court, that he was advised by the most senior Trump transition official to contact the Russian officials, to discuss the removal or the dilution of Sanctions that the Obama administration had put on them, and to have Russia help avoid an up-coming vote in the U.N., on the illegality of Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, from which the Obama administration had abstained, for the first time. Apparently Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was also implicated in that scheme along with Jared Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law), Michael Flynn, and the Russians.

The question whether the Trump’s inner circle was involved with Russian officials is now a fact in Court, provided by former General, and Trump’s own National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. Whether they, the Trump gang, colluded with the Russians to try and affect the results of the election is still to be determined by the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s ongoing criminal investigation. The evidence is starting to mount in spite of the constant lying and denials by the Trump camp. Was Trump himself involved? The preponderance of the mounting evidence seems to point in that direction. Is the constant lying by Trump and his team going to stop? Probably not, not to the very bitter end. It is part of Trump’s DNA, and his administration’s. The solid proof is coming out in the ‘Plea Bargains’ of his liars.

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