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Any Which Way – Stormy Daniels Wins, Trump Loses (#62)

Tonight, March 25th, 2018, the most anticipated segment to-date of ’60 Minutes’ will air, with CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewing porn star and hottest news Stormy Daniels. This interview, promises to delve into salacious details of President Trump’s illicit affair with Stormy Daniels from 2006 to 2007, while being married to his wife Melania Trump, who at that time had given birth to their son. Guilty pleasures of listening to the sordid details of a celebrity’s personal life aside, the Nation, and a large part of the World, will be fixated on the details to try and ascertain whether any aspect of this affair might prove effective in puncturing the so far impenetrable coating of ‘Trump-Teflon’ that keeps him impervious to all scandals, improprieties and faux-pas that would have destroyed the careers of most other politicians many times over.

So is this the Storm that will grow into a 'Category Five Hurricane' that finally swamps Trump and his Presidency, or will it eventually dissipate into a mere tropical disturbance that caused but a ripple. Somehow one gets the sense that Stormy Daniels is building up into a major Storm.

For one thing, from just a superficial glance at Ms. Daniels personality, it becomes obvious from all accounts, from those who claim to know her well, that she is no push over. Besides being very smart and ambitious, she is tough and controlling of that which happens to her and how it may affect her, her career and her financial bottom line. Her colleagues in the industry confirm as much.

Also from hearsay, all of Stormy’s moves are made to maximize her earning potential at all times and to further her personal ambitions. This is significant because those particular traits match Trump’s obsession with furthering himself in all situations and making all his actions contribute to his bottom line (as we have seen, even the Presidency).

Donald Trump may be matched in this brewing battle of wits, smarts, ambition, and the obsessive focus on self-interest.

It would be a mistake to underestimate Stormy because of the nature of her chosen profession. Even though we are not familiar with the details of her, no doubt, delightful work, it is said that right from high school Stormy was serious, intelligent and not to be taken lightly. In the past weeks Stormy has carefully built her case publicly, chosen a seemingly star attorney, and is now ready to take the fight to Trump directly.

Trump, who usually wastes no time in attacking any antagonist almost immediately with insults and diminutions, has been strangely silent on the allegations of Ms. Daniels and her legal challenge to free herself from his and his lawyer’s constraints. Trump’s reticence to publicly get involved may promise a worthwhile fight for the anticipating masses.

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