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The Rogue President - And the Complicit Republicans (#64)

The United States has a President in Donald Trump who thinks he is above the law, and the lawmakers, officials, and the institutions of the country are there primarily to serve and protect him, and if they don’t, regardless of how well they do their respective jobs, they are incompetent, disloyal and need to be removed and replaced with someone more compliant with much greater sensitivity to his personal and political needs.

From day one, he has demanded fealty, and public displays of groveling loyalty from all those in his administration and the U.S. government at large, and it’s been embarrassing to watch. And even though he is the most untruthful, unethical and immoral President in modern history, he does not think that anyone, including the law enforcement agencies of the country have the right to investigate him, his family members, or his political, business associates and practices.

Thankfully for the American public and the country, the institutions of America are holding, even though with the almost treasonous behavior and complicit silence of the Republican lawmakers, when it comes to accepting the outrageous and unethical behavior of Trump (except for a few brave and patriotic souls like John McCain, Bob Corker and Jeff Flake) the fundamental values of America, particularly the ‘Rule of Law’, are being shaken to their core.

Donald Trump has something to hide when it comes to his business finances and his long standing relationship with Russian money.

Trump’s almost comical admiration and devotion to Vladimir Putin speaks to a relationship that is far from normal between the Russian President and an American businessman, and certainly the President of the United States. His campaign team’s, including his family member’s, frequent and highly questionable dealings with Russian business, political and intelligence operatives, prior, during and post 2016 elections, have been suspicious enough to trigger serious investigations by the American law-enforcement agencies, particularly the FBI.

That trail strewn with suspicious activities has led to several indictments of Trump’s campaign team members and surrogates, and most recently to the raid of his personal lawyer’s offices and homes, for documents relating to the payment of hush money of $130,000 to a porn star, just before the elections, and $150,000 to a Playboy Playmate, both of whom claim to have had affairs with the Donald, which he of course has denied, even though the two cash payments, one by his lawyer and the other by his friend, the owner of ‘The National Enquirer’ (how appropriate) contradict him.

In the face of overwhelming evidence of suspicious activities which has led to indictments of his associates, and the admission and proof of the payment of hush money, Trump feels aggrieved, unjustifiably persecuted, and accuses the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) of carrying out an unwarranted vendetta against him and his, calling it all a ‘witch hunt’ and ‘an attack on the country’ by the Democrats and their sympathizers in the FBI and the DOJ.

Donald Trump is obviously mentally deranged, apart from being compulsively untruthful. He cannot see that these investigations are being conducted because of possible wrong doings of his and his team’s, rather than any personal vendettas by Democrat or Republican officials.

All the senior most officials that are driving the investigations and the subsequent actions in those investigations, all having to meet the most stringent legal requirements to proceed, are not only all highly respected professionals, but are well regarded Republicans, and were handpicked and appointed during Trump’s own Presidency.

And just as he did with the former Head of the FBI, James Comey, another highly regarded Republican who may have even helped Trump during his campaign by the untimely announcement of the reopening of an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, eleven days before voting day, Trump threatens to fire the whole lot of the leading Officials in the FBI, DOJ and the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, being intensely agitated that the Country’s law enforcement agencies would have the temerity to investigate his and his cohort’s nefarious activities, like meeting Russians that promised ‘dirt on Hillary Clinton’, and paying hush monies to women to keep his infidelity under wraps so as to not affect his election chances.

Not only are these investigations warranted, conducted by handpicked Republican professionals but agreed to by the majority Republican government, they are necessary if the integrity of the U.S. elections is to be preserved as fair, democratic, and untainted by foreign government interference. And because of the obvious nature of these investigations and the fact that an erring President is not above the Law (there are precedents – Nixon, Bill Clinton) it is shocking that the Republican Party has been so willing to overlook all of Trump’s inappropriate and unethical American-image destroying behavior in order to further their society destroying policies that favor big business and the rich, at the expense of the vast majority of Americans who time and again get suckered in by Republican promises of trickle-down wealth that somehow manages to stay at the top in ever greater amounts, resulting in the greatest inequality gap in U.S. history.

It is now acknowledged that an openly opportunistic, uncommitted Republican-of-convenience, highly unethical Donald Trump has hijacked the Republican Party and made it his own by pandering to the basest instincts of the Republican base, and bought the Republican lawmakers by giving them a free hand in crafting policy in which he was completely uninterested, and in doing so has destroyed America’s traditional values, ideology and image.

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