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Nikki Haley, Exits Trump’s Circus – In Time (#75)

Nikki Haley announced her resignation as Trump administration’s United Nations Ambassador on Tuesday, October 9, 2018. Apparently it came as a total surprise to the President and his top officials, including Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Trump being Trump, tried to put a positive spin on the exit of one of his most high profile and popular senior officials by announcing that it had been expected and planned, which like most things that Trump says was pure blarney. Nikki Haley being an astute politician decided to exit stage left, while the going was good and the possible damage by remaining, the least.

Her departure set of a storm of speculation on her real motive, considering the suddenness of departure, about which she has been extremely close-lipped.

Some of the public speculation has been that she was being pushed aside in foreign policy decisions by the even more hawkish duo, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, and that she decided to leave before she got pushed out. Or, that she decided to leave on a high note, before any additional damaging developments in the Trump White House tainted her. Or, that she decided to opt out before a threatening Republican rout in the November mid-terms turned into a reality.

There was even a mention that she was being investigated by an ethics oversight body for having accepted seven (7) private jet flights as gifts, from Carolina businessmen and recording them well below market values in her recent financial disclosure forms, prompting her sudden exit. All or none of those reasons may have been at play, but the bottom-line is, Nikki Haley got out while the going was good for her. As of now, Nikki Haley has a very popular and high-standing within the Republican Party.

According to the conservatives she acquitted herself well in her role as the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Her unflinching support of the errant President and his hawkish stand against the World body went over well within the Party, in general, and particularly well with the hawks. Her unquestioning ‘all-in’ support of Israel, regardless of internationally acknowledged atrocities committed against the Palestinians at Gaza, endeared her to the vote-important ‘Evangelicals’ who are mystifyingly un-empathetic, and ultra-hawkish, in the face of Jesus’ biblically recorded compassion for the downtrodden and the underdog. Nikki Haley, in spite of her Indo-American background, and her subsequent conversion to Christianity, demonstrated her ‘evangelical’ zeal in – Israel can do no wrong - and the non-believing World treats it extremely unfairly. Funny but tragic.

As repeatedly stated on this site, Israel has the right to exist and to be safe from all attacks. But what it does not have the right to, is to indulge in internationally recognized illegal activities such as forceful confiscation of Palestinian land, condemned vigorously by the U.N., including the major countries of Europe, and the right to unilaterally undertake endless pre-emptive strikes against its neighbors, in the name of self-defense.

That right, which it has enjoyed for decades under the protection of the U.S., with Nikki Haley and her ilk giving full-throated support, in spite of documented evidence and universal condemnation of its illegality, makes a mockery of international law. Which of course leads to the obvious question – if one country is allowed to attack others repeatedly, on their soil, then why others don’t have the same right, in the name of self-defense? Which brings up the second question.

Are some lives and countries more equal than others in the eyes of America, the country currently preaching to the U.N. ‘national sovereignty’ and right to ‘self governance’ through its current President, Trump, of which Nikki Haley is an ardent supporter (even though she opposed him during the elections). The answer of course is yes - but then she needed to spare the World the false moralizing, and the passionate admonishment of being anti-Israel. Globally, no other country gets away with what Israel does regularly, with U.S. enablement.

Additionally, loving Israel with a religious fervor, and thus being willfully blind to its many severe and cruel injustices towards the Palestinians, is akin to loving the Catholic Church and being willfully blind to its many atrocities against humanity (the inquisitions, the crusades) in its not so distant past, and its pervasive sexual abuse of children, in the current times. In lecturing the U.N. while practicing double standards, Nikki Haley was less than credible in the U.N.

All of that makes Nikki Haley a perfectly suited Republican (woman candidate) for the nomination by the Party, to some future bid for the Presidency.

But it takes her away from basic humanity and the founding ‘liberal’ American and Indian (India) core values (being Indo-American) that comprise of: democracy with equality of race and religion, tolerance, justice for all, diversity, and most of all compassion for the downtrodden, which she and the Evangelical’s of the American South, seem not to get, and without which all of Christ’s teachings of love and compassion for the lowliest are abrogated.

Whatever else it may have been, Nikki Haley’s preemptive move to get out of Trump’s administration was political, calculated to preserve the goodwill of her current profile, thereby dodging any fallout that may be coming in the Trump administration. Or from the fast approaching November elections, which if the Democrats win, may have hurt her current favorable political standing. To make such calculated moves, it pays to have a degree in accounting, which she does.

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