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The Growth of Insanity & Hate – In Trump’s America (#77)

America has been slowly but steadily coming off the rails for many a decade. But since Donald Trump’s Presidency, it is completely off the rails, and has become the ‘drunk’ at the Party that is destroying all norms of civil behavior much to the alarm and chagrin of the rest of the civilized, democratic World (not much of it left).

Conversely, America’s self destructive behavior is causing great delight in its historic adversaries such as Russia, China, and the rest of the autocratic regimes; one of whom (Putin’s Russia) actually helped its lurch of the rails through its money beholden (to Russians) destructive President, Trump, as he gleefully destroys the institutions of democracy, civility, honesty, and integrity by his divisive bigoted, racial and ideological hatreds, shameless falsehoods, blatant hypocrisies, and calls to violence (at his rallies), aided by the silent Republican lawmakers who are supposed to provide a check on a crazy President.

The culmination of this steady rise of the uglier side of America, greatly boosted by Trump, and enthusiastically and at times violently defended by his supporters, manifested itself in the past days with the mailing of ‘pipe bombs’ to prominent Democratic politicians and high profile critics of Trump, the shooting of two defenseless middle-aged Black American couple at a convenient store, by an angry white male unknown to them, which was quickly over shadowed by the shooting of 11 Jewish American worshippers at a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Synagogue, by a White Supremacist, who thought Trump was just doing enough to stop evil people entering the Country, but that Jews were helping to bring these people in, and they were ‘slaughtering his people’. When and where these supposed ‘slaughters’ were taking place no one seems to know, except ‘his people’ we suppose, and Fox News, perhaps.

This middle-aged, enraged white man’s answer to this non-existent problem was ‘all Jews must die’. In answer to the hateful senseless tragedy, Trump thought the Synagogue should have armed itself. The idea that no one in America is safe from fellow Americans at any time, doing anything, even peacefully worshipping, does not seem to bother the Americans, and they seem to agree with their President and Republican Lawmakers, they keep electing them, that the only answer is - always more guns.

In so many ways, this insane situation seems to reflect the countries that America loves to hate, the fundamental Islamic countries, like Pakistan, where every Pakistani is more at risk from internal political and religious Pakistani terrorism, than from any foreign enemy, such as India, or Afghan terrorists.

Shooting of unarmed Americans, including children, by other Americans, is an almost weekly occurrence in the Country, and accepted as the price for the strange and uniquely American idea of freedom. This freedom, supposedly afforded by the right to own an insane number of guns by every American, so they can defend themselves from their own governments that are actively trying to enslave them (according to the conspiracy theorists, which simply thrive in America), and defend themselves from each other, and from foreign invasions that never materialize, since Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor before WWII, is only known in America. In all other civilized democratic countries, people live safely, peacefully, happily, without guns. In these countries, the overall incidents of gun violence are a small percentage when compared to America’s. The reason being, most people don’t have, and don’t want any guns. Yet, they are safer.

In spite of the fact that the American governments have been one of the most accountable to their citizenry in the World, through one of the freest press (by the way), and the fact that nobody comes to America and kills Americans regularly, even fractionally, as much as Americans kill each other, and the fact that America has invaded and killed more foreign civilians than any other country in modern history, Americans are an exceptionally paranoid and fearful people, arming themselves endlessly while being shot almost daily by their fellow citizens.

Crazy right? No, not to the Americans.

Their stubborn and mindless unwillingness to believe that in other advanced Western countries, where the standard of living and wealth per capita is comparable to America’s, and the quality of life actually better, the populations of these countries, without any guns, feel far safer, and are safer, than any American can imagine, or possibly hope to feel. Gun violence is not the norm in most advanced countries, but in America it is absolutely guaranteed. And after each tragic shooting, Americans go running to buy more guns! Insane.

It’s similar to the fact, that in these same comparable advanced and developed countries, the governments provide ‘HealthCare’ for everyone, at half the cost, than America can provide its citizens, with the appalling excuse for a system that they charitably call healthcare. But regardless of the hard data being available for decades, America’s Industry-held-hostage-system, with the Lawmakers firmly in its pocket, keeps brainwashing the citizenry to believe, theirs’ is the best system!

This latest shooting at the Synagogue, had the same response from the authorities in America, the media or the press, and the President. There was a lot of remorse shown, the usual discussion about the rising hate and division in America, the usual condemnation for the heinous act, and the mild resurrection of the ‘gun-debate’. But this President anticipated the reaction and swiftly quashed any real possible discussion on the ‘gun-debate’ by saying that armed guards ‘would have made the results come out better’! How insane is that?

The insane answer to America’s perennial problems of uncontrolled gun violence and hate, as the President has put forward, and it will be readily backed the Republicans, is to post armed guards at every house of worship, school, nightclub, bar, college campus, playing field, training camp, sports event, airports, bus and rail station, restaurant, casino, nursery, park, public swimming pool, every public and private event, and every other place - and for the times Americans are not in public places but are at home, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the kitchen cooking, in the living room watching television, in other words, anywhere they are doing anything at all, all citizens must be fully armed at all times, to be safe.

This then is not the ‘land of the free’, it’s the opposite, it’s the land of ‘the permanently held hostage by our own’, ‘a land of growing insanity and hate’ - till they change it.

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