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The Trump Inevitable Happened – Ignorance Trumped America (#80)

When a dangerously ignorant person is elected to the highest office in the land, the country is going to suffer grievously, sooner than later. At the end of the year, 2018, almost two years into Donald Trump’s Presidency, America is looking incredibly dysfunctional, corrupt, divided, and more as a ‘Banana Republic’ in its governance, than the leader of the Free World; and Trump is wholly responsible.

This transformation, from a somewhat bruised but still respected World leader, generally, to a model of pervasive dysfunction, since the election of Trump as the 45th President by a dangerously divided American public and a structurally flawed electoral system of voting, through an incomprehensible electoral system where in a democracy, a candidate can win the most votes but still lose the election; this is the United States today, a corrupted and shambolic ‘Democracy’.

Americans have to take the responsibility, ultimately, for having elected a person who is inarguably going to go down in their history, as one of the most inept, corrupt, cowardly, possibly criminal, foolishly dangerous man as their President, even though Russia actively manipulated public sentiment in favor of Trump by exploiting American weaknesses, their glaring racial and economic inequalities.

The proof of above statements, if required, are – America currently, nationally and internationally, is in self-acknowledged chaos, a Trump triggered tailspin: with the third partial-government-shutdown; its financial markets in a free-fall; its booming economy threatened; almost all of the most experienced and competent officials gone from the administration; numerous of the President’s closest confidants now cooperating with federal prosecutors as indicted criminals; and the President and his family under 17 separate investigations themselves, and facing an oncoming day of judgment that could most likely, see them indicted for possible criminal offences.

The likelihood of such extraordinary developments taking shape, along with Trump’s most disruptive economic, political and foreign policies, are sending financial markets into a tailspin, investors running for cover, global economies in increasing turmoil, with geo-political tensions favoring America’s adversaries.

As the majority of Americans clutch at each other aghast at the nightmare of their elected leadership in Trump and the Republicans, with their healthcare in tatters, their economic well being threatened as Trump’s policies and actions bite, and as Republicans enable an incredibly destructive President to favor their enemies’ interests and let America regress from global leadership, ceding ground voluntarily to its primary protagonists, Russia and China, the national crisis deepens on a daily basis.

When your adversaries and enemies are happy with your leaders’ choices, as Russia’s Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, and Turkey’s Erdogan are - very happy with Trump; it’s because he is benefiting them, more than he benefits America.

In less than two years, Trump has divided America like no one else has, made a mockery of its most revered law-and-order institutions and its most sacred values, shattered its ironclad alliances, disrupted its longstanding trade and commerce policies, broken its international agreements, abused and mocked its allies and embraced and ‘loved’ its enemies, made the rich richer and the poor poorer, restocked the ‘Swamp’ to over flowing, stripped the most needy of their critically needed healthcare, spooked the longest running bull markets into a bear market, and damaged a robust and growing economy, he inherited, into a hastened-oncoming recession. In all of the above he was actively enabled by the Republican law-makers, and lustily cheered on - by his Republican ‘Base’.

And if that wasn’t enough, Trump, his aides, advisers, surrogates and family members, have the distinction of being the most criminally investigated, indicted, possibly jailed American Presidency in history - with the President and his family having 17 criminal investigations now underway against them - the early results of one of which have already forced the closure of the ‘Trump Foundation’ for ‘shocking pattern of illegality’.

The President is now being called a ‘crime boss’, running a ‘crime family’, aided by his ‘loyal’ and now criminally indicted former aides and surrogates.

In spite of all of these jaw dropping irregularities and previously unacceptable behavior of a senior government official, let alone a President, with possible criminal activities from his campaign days on and apparently well into his Presidency, Trump remained the President of the United States through 2018, to its ongoing and increasing detriment. Under Trump, 2019 promises to get worse.

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