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Truth Versus Republican Power – America’s Sell-Out (#87)

Finally, reportedly, there are murmurs of discontent surfacing from Robert Mueller’s investigators that ‘Attorney General William Barr did not do the Mueller Report justice’, in his 4-page summary. It is possibly the most significant, cynical understatement of the year. Significant, because on it hangs the truth about Trump and his teams activities during and after the Election Campaign; cynical, because for years now the Republican Party has proven itself unable to tell the truth, about most anything, so why would it about the Special Counsel’s investigation which could have penetrated the Teflon-like air of invincibility of bad boy Donald J. Trump, and his coterie of Republican lawmakers and sycophants.

The Republicans and President Trump have, almost daily, hammered home the lie that the investigation into Donald Trump’s activities by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was a Democrat initiated plot and investigation, started and maintained expressly by them to discredit Trump, solely for hateful partisan purposes, with no true justification or requirement. They have shamefacedly maintained that lie till they have convinced themselves and their supporters of its truth, though nothing is further from the verifiable truth. And, the verifiable truth is:

It all started when American Intelligence Agencies, unanimously, declared that Russia had significantly interfered with the 2016 Presidential Election in an effort to discredit Hillary Clinton, and assist Donald Trump to win the election, which is exactly what the Russians managed to do, very successfully.

The Intelligence Agencies further disclosed that they were carrying on a number of investigations into Russian & Trump’s team related activities, to determine the extent of the interference and possible coordination (collusion) with the Trump campaign. And, the FBI investigators, headed by James Comey (a Republican), were prominent in the pursuit of that investigation, as per their job description.

The Special Counsel Robert Mueller (also a Republican), was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (another Republican), to investigate Donald Trump (a Republican President), of possible collusion with Russia in the 2016 Presidential Election, after he fired the Head of the FBI, James Comey for refusing to end the ‘Russia Investigation’.

Trump’s action was grave enough as possible ‘Obstruction of Justice’ (as he subsequently admitted on television that he had fired Comey ‘because of the Russia thing’…) that an investigation was warranted, and the then Attorney General, Jeff Sessions (also another Republican), had to recuse himself from the investigation because of his own compromised position with the undisclosed meetings with Russians, as Trump’s surrogate during the Election Campaign, and hence it fell to the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (Republican) to appoint Robert Mueller as Special Counsel (Republican) - to belabor a point.

That factual sequence of events, entirely controlled by the Republicans, as they controlled all three branches of the government, the Congress, the Senate, and the Presidency, was through willful and consistent lying, attributed entirely to the Democrats. And that lie is still perpetuated daily by Trump, the Republicans and his sycophants at Fox News, to whom truth is an equal stranger, as it is to Trump.

The fact that Trump and Republican appointed Attorney General, William Barr (yet another Republican), did not find grounds to accuse Trump or his campaign team of any wrongdoing was a small surprise as Barr had disclosed his partisan hand by denouncing the obstruction charge as invalid much earlier, but the fact that Robert Mueller and his team also kept silent in face of the obvious cover-up of the 4-page summary, was very disconcerting and disappointing, considering Mueller’s reputation of unimpeachable integrity and total dedication in serving the Nation.

Taking in to account that his hands may have been ‘legally tied’ preventing him from being more proactive after the submission of his Report to William Barr, it was still disconcerting because Trump, the Republicans, and his supporters wasted no time in propagating the next big lie, that Trump had been ‘totally exonerated’, when even by Barr’s summary he clearly had not been.

The Democrats are acting to try and access the full un-redacted copy of ‘the Republican-Mueller Report’, to try and get to the whole truth, but in their way stands the pathologically truth-averse Trump, the Republican lawmakers, and of course his sycophants. Now perhaps with the disgruntled rumblings of former investigators getting attention, the way to get at the truth of the Report may become a little easier.

The Republicans have decided to back Trump regardless of his unfitness to be President of the most powerful Nation, which is universally acknowledged, considering the daily display of his grave pathological illness (now he claims his father was German-born!). But, by ignoring his lies, and by adding daily to his lies instead, they, the Republicans, have sold-out America, and everything it has gone around the World claiming till now, true democracy, transparency, fairness and lack of egregious corruption in the pursuit and maintenance of political power. Ultimately the truth will prevail, but not while the Republicans are still in power.

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