The Battle for America – In the Time of Trump (#100)

For ages there has been an ongoing battle for the emergent soul of America.

The nation was born of a colonial past and the constant battle for new territories and supremacy among the then competing world powers of Europe and England.

America’s emergence was soaked in conquest, rebellion, violence, genocide of the natives, and the shattered lives and blood of African slaves. Out of this violent past came a new nation that has become the supreme power in the world as it developed its vast territories, took its steady flow of constantly changing mix immigrants from all over the old world, and turned them into ‘Americans’.

With all its development, industrial and political, in the 4 Centuries or so of its existence (a mere blip in time compared to most other ‘old’ countries), America has kept its rebellious heart and its deeply embedded violent nature as its calling-card in the modern world, while alternating between periods of enlightenment and bouts of darkness as it continues to evolve as a relatively new country.

In the recent past, one can argue that America’s period of enlightenment ended with the end of the Second World War, and since then it’s foreign policy has been destructive, mostly fruitless and wasteful wars with its ideological and economic enemies - North Korea (the Korean War), Communist Vietnam (Vietnam War), Oil rich Arab countries (Iraq, Libya), now possibly Iran, in Afghanistan, and of course it’s decades long ‘Cold War’ with Russia and its proxies and satellites.

Internally, its deepening divide between the Conservatives and the Liberals has become an un-crossable chasm, spewing ideological toxicity, as its version of predatory Capitalism, promoted and maniacally defended by the Conservatives and equally passionately criticized by the Liberals, created a vastly unequal society with most Americans increasingly left behind as ever greater benefits flowed to a smaller and smaller group of mega rich individuals and their behemoth corporations.

It is also the only developed country in the world where the corruption in its financial markets threatened the entire global financial system (2008), and the influence of its ‘Big Pharma’, along with its medical industry, ensures the least coverage in healthcare of its citizens, with on-average double the cost!

Today, America is fighting the classic and cosmic battle between good and evil, with both the opposing forces, again in the classical fashion, equally convinced that the one is right and honorable, while the other side is evil, dishonorable and absolutely wrong. America was brought to this juncture very ably by its President.

From the day that Trump announced his candidacy to run for President, he has brought scandal. Not stuff people arrayed against him manufactured, but actual documented misdeeds, utterances and actions that were on record!

But that didn’t faze Trump or his supporters. They both denied or excused documented truths, whether on camera, interview videos, or tape. And the scandals were endless, egregious, unforgivable and some bordering on treasonous, if not downright treasonous.

He went on to openly favor America’s gravest adversaries like Russia and its strongman Vladimir Putin, and North Korea’s brutal despot Kim Jong-un, while destroying and attacking international agreements, trade and historic military defense alliances, and the critical relationships with America’s closest allies.

While gleefully destroying and shattering America’s decades of foreign policies, Trump boasted of being able to single-handedly (not needing any American foreign policy experts) denuclearize North Korea, force Iran to accept a far more restrictive new ‘Nuclear Deal’, and forge vastly superior trade deals with allies (Canada, Mexico, EU, Japan, and South Korea), and major competitors like China.

Of course practically none of it happened, and it seems unlikely that any of it is going to happen. In fact what Trump managed to accomplish was to antagonize America’s closest allies, while making its enemies bolder, safe in the knowledge that this US President, has their back.

Donald Trump has gone so far as to deny and discredit all of America’s Intelligence Agencies, and backed fully the statements and positions of the most odious dictators over all of America’s Intelligence Chiefs.

If any of the American officials were so bold as to insist on upholding their responsibilities to the country, Trump discredited, personally attacked, removed them from office, and endlessly abused and name-called them in public.

The most noted, distinguished and decorated officials were publicly humiliated and made to suffer the displeasure of a much maligned businessman of discredited and dubious reputation, who did not have the courage to ever serve his country when he was called upon to, in the military, but draft-dodged instead.

Internally, Trump has wreaked havoc with America’s most sacred institutions of democracy, independent judiciary, the free press, and the rule of law.

He has purposely and vigorously sowed division and hate among Americans, encouraged white supremacy and racist nationalism, with the resultant and inevitable dramatic rise in anti-semitism, and hate crimes, and has been consistently and openly racist and misogynist in his speech and actions as President. He has been able to systematically destroy all the values that America prided itself on and laid bare its ugliest and darkest underbelly, much to the glee of, and with the consistent and passionate support of the Republican party.

The one thing he has been given credit for, the health of the US economy and the financial markets, were a legacy of Obama’s Presidency (see Chart below), and he had very little to do with it, including the huge ‘tax-cut’ to the wealthiest and the corporations, which did little to promote long-term growth and excluded the average American, even though the tax-cut was sold to them as for their benefit.

In spite of Trump’s wide and deep swathe of destruction through everything American, he still has wide spread support with the Republicans, as they line-up behind him till the very end, which may be coming sooner than later.

It is not the Lefties or Democrats that will dethrone him, but ultimately it will be the morally bankrupt ‘Dark Lord’ himself, the incredibly inept and dense Trump, who through the latest scandal, which led to the 'Impeachment Inquiry', is working with the forces of the cosmos to push back the years of his dark reign, to usher in the light, and restore balance to America on its path to enlightenment; without the evil of Trump and his supporters constantly lying and cheating.

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