Trump’s Bizarre Hold - On Cowed Republicans (#101)

One of the great mysteries of our time is how a bombastic, immoral, insufferable, narcissistic clod, and a pathological liar, Donald J. Trump, managed to so easily cow the Republican Party into fearful surrender.

In spite of all his past and current failures, like his multitude of failed businesses and bankruptcies, multiple failed marriages, his lack of principles, ethics and integrity, his dubious claim to net wealth, and a demonstrably failed Presidency with not much to show for it but scandalous behavior that precipitated a legion of investigations and proof of wrong-doings, Trump still holds sway over Republican lawmakers fearful of his attacks and abuse if they dare criticize him, or to speak up in defense of the Constitution which he regularly makes a mockery of.

Trump has the Republicans enslaved by his power to hurt them in their own constituencies. In obeisance to that power, the Republican lawmakers have almost traitorously ignored Trump’s repeated breaking of the law, his regular abuse of power, his multitudes on conflict-of-interests, his illegal fraternizing with foreign individuals and governments to further his personal business and political interests, over the country’s, and the suspicious ties to Russian money laundering individuals and schemes, as with the recent arrest of Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.

In spite of it all, the Republicans continue to make blatant and bizarre excuses for him, bringing into question their own character (deeply flawed obviously) their loyalties as Americans, and their behavior and motivations in aggressively backing an increasingly rogue and criminally-minded President that repeatedly goes unpunished for behavior that would have ousted any other President a long time ago. His longevity in power is directly due to Republican lawmakers who have been clearly seduced by Russian and Ukrainian operatives and dark money flowing ultimately from Putin’s Russia, into Republican election coffers

Why the Putin, Russian organized crime figures, and Ukrainian and Russian operatives, targeted the Republicans to seduce and corrupt instead of the Democrats, is a very telling question. Russia has infiltrated the Republicans through an organized effort, complete with Russian operatives, some of whom are now serving jail time as a result of the Mueller investigation.

Of course Trump’s classic defense, regarding his collusion with Russian and Ukrainian operatives and darkly-sourced election contributions to him and the Republican lawmakers, is to lie loudly and repeatedly, with the Republicans in a predictable chorused response.

It’s documented on film, by daily television coverage of him that Trump lies incessantly about everything. So much so, that he will go down in American and World history (yes the World also records American history), as the most untruthful President of all time. And yet, the Republicans back him shamefacedly, lying and covering for him equally bold-facedly, because they are equally guilty of being held in Russia’s sway, through him, through the money, and the election interfering help through their troll farms, that only Russia could provide.

That election interfering assistance, in favor of Trump and the Republicans, was exhaustively documented in the Mueller Report. No wonder the Republicans trashed Mueller’s Report so energetically through the two years he did his work.

Trump is also the most ‘failing’ of Presidents, as most of his signature campaign policies lie in tatters, almost three years into his term as US President.

Trump’s most vocal and bombastic election promise, ‘we will build a great beautiful Wall, and Mexico will pay for it – yes folks – Mexico will pay for it’, is now no more than a joke, as one would guess, particularly in Mexico which refused outright to ‘pay for any of it’. Mexico’s outright refusal in turn reduced Trump to scrounge and scrape American tax-payer funds for the ‘Wall’ from other public agencies, robbing them of their programs, like the defense department.

His equally loud promise of scrapping ‘ObamaCare’ and bringing in a Republican crafted ‘HealthCare’ (an obvious oxy-moron) that would ‘cover all Americans’ and ‘be cheaper’, is relegated rightly to the ‘you gotta be kidding’ pile of rubbish. Not only did Trump have no clue about healthcare plans or policies when given the chance to produce one, the Republican lawmakers came up with laughably incoherent and unworkable – nothing at all. In the meantime, they took a sledge hammer to ObamaCare and made sure that America’s tragically dysfunctional, unfair and gouging ‘healthcare’ became much worse under them.

His boast that he would ‘denuclearize North Korea, or obliterate it’, turned into a vaudeville act with Trump professing ‘love’ for the cherubic but lethal Kim Jong-un, who, as in some sick and demented love-story, played the coy ‘come hither’, and at the appropriate time, a push-away ‘hard-to-get’ pursued love interest.

It was a bizarre and rather sad spectacle to watch, the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, play the ‘love-struck Romeo’ to one of the most brutal dictators in the World. Additionally, North Korea is neither denuclearized nor obliterated, but is very much the same defiant, demonically dictatorial rogue authoritarian power, still lobbing missiles and hurling insults at South Korea and the US, as it has always done. And, as always, it’s still backed by China and Russia.

Trump and the Republican majority failed to complete anything except tax-cuts for the rich, for which the Republicans have endless practice. Additional tax-cuts is their one true policy through most Republican Presidencies; always tax-cuts.

The tax-cuts never quite benefit the ‘middle class’, in whose name they are always rolled out, but they always materially benefit the rich, for which the Republican Party faithfully works, while hoodwinking the ordinary working Americans. This time it was no different. The Trump and Republican tax-cuts hugely benefited the wealthy and the big corporations with little benefit to anyone else.

The pandering to the very rich and the richest corporations, the promises to make the international trade ‘fairer’, the promise to build the Wall and stop illegal immigration, to get rid of ObamaCare, and to stack the Justice System with Right-Wing Judges, to ban abortions, and to blur the line between the Church and the State, and to torch environmental and consumer protection certainly got the Republicans hooked on Trump.

The Republican majority at the time, with his signature, got the Uneven Tax-Cuts done, the Courts Stacked, and the Environmental and Consumer Protection torched, but as for the Wall, Immigration Reform, HealthCare, Foreign Policy and Multilateral-Bi-lateral Trade, Trump has been a monumental failure.

And then of course there is Trump’s litany of Constitution and patriotism busting behavior with foreign powers, particularly his open subjugation to Vladimir Putin.

How the Republicans find Trump’s allegiance and open subservience to Putin, in international settings with other World Leaders, acceptable and palatable, is beyond the comprehension of even non-American observers. To watch Trump be openly deferential and promotional for Putin in international settings is downright creepy.

To patriotic Americans, Trump’s displays of loyalty and allegiance to Putin, time and again, must be epicly embarrassing and nauseating to behold, but by and large the Republicans, including the most vocal ‘commie-hating right-wingers’, an America-destroying-Putin-loving-Trump is far more acceptable than a liberal American Democrat trying to make life better for ordinary Americans. It’s absolutely bizarre and insane, but there it is, for American and World history to record.

Trump’s epic policy failure list goes on, from trade, to Iran, to immigration, to the Ukraine-China-Australian Impeachment Inquiry, to the latest Syria-Kurds-Turkey debacle. Yet, for America’s self appointed and grossly hypocritical ‘moral right’, a grossly immoral, untruthful, crime ridden, lying, racist and white-supremacist supporting, anti-Christ-like self-serving narcissist, has become messianic, leading them into the nether-lands of soul-selling betrayal of all things Constitutional.

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