Trump Republican Mob - Vs - The USA (#102)

All organized crime depends on two things to flourish, corruptibility of the system and intimidation.

In America today, the World watched as the Republican Mob Boss, US President Donald J. Trump openly intimidated a Witness, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, while she was giving testimony in the Impeachment Hearings.

Ironically, she was testifying to the corrupting of the US State Department and American Foreign Policy, by corrupt foreign interests aided by corrupt American government and private interests, through irregular channels, who used smear tactics, disinformation, and intimidation to undermine and ultimately remove her.

This Mob that is ruling America today, comprised of Trump and his minions, most of the Republican Party, including Rudy Giuliani, are relying on the total corruption of the system through the daily brazen distortion of reality, the astonishing denial of facts (even those that are recorded), and pure intimidation.

Today’s America is ruled by a crime syndicate, that lies, corrupts, dismantles and dislodges all who stand for order, institutions, national interests and the Constitution, and it is all on full public display in the actions of Trump and the Republicans, with the support and aid of Fox News.

Almost as living proof of the criminality of the Trump Mob, one more of theirs, another close adviser to Trump, Roger Stone, was just convicted on all 7 counts of lying to Congress, obstruction and witness tampering.

These criminal charges carry multi-year jail sentences, each.

Stone is the 6th close Trump adviser to be convicted on criminal charges.

The others were:

Michael Cohen, his personal lawyer, confidant and long term ‘fixer’.

Retd. General Michael Flynn, Trump’s first National Security Adviser.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s Campaign Manager.

Rick Gates, Trump deputy Campaign Manager.

George Papadopoulos, Trump’s Campaign Adviser.

Trump (the Boss), at the moment is free, because as a sitting US President he cannot be charged and indicted, and is therefore protected (as long as he is President) from being brought to trial.

But that will change as soon as he is not President, because there are possible crimes that he committed while in Office, like blatant ‘Obstruction of Justice’, that could he be charged with once he is no longer President.

Till then, he continues to lie, corrupt and break the system, and uses every possible intimidation tactic to get his way. So far it is all working because the Republicans lawmakers are in full support of him, being too terrified to oppose him. It is the ‘perfect’ model of an ‘Organized Crime’ set-up.

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