Trump Impeached – Rightfully, Forever (#107)

Donald Trump as US President earned his Impeachment, by diligent daily effort.

From the time he announced his running for the US Presidency, Trump started to work towards eventually getting impeached. And whatever his faults, and there are plenty, one cannot fault him for not being diligent enough as the most unfit person to be the President of the United States of America; and his reward for being so consistent in being unfit, the day he was finally impeached.

From the time of his Campaign, he and his surrogates made a mockery of campaign rules, they fraternized with foreign governments, their agents and operatives (particularly Russian) in a bid to get an unlawful edge against his rival; and they paid-off a Playboy Center-fold, and a Porn Star, in violation of campaign finance laws, asked the Russian government and Wikileaks to hack and make public his political rivals e-mails, and lied with a consistency that smashed all records - ever.

All these illicit activities set off alarm bells throughout the system triggering investigations in almost all the American intelligence agencies.

And after almost three years of being in Office, Trump as the POTUS, has the most investigations and court cases ongoing of any President in history. And in all these past three years, and in spite of all the daily warnings that his behavior was constantly triggering legal charges of one kind or another that were leading to more charges, Trump did not relent but pressed ahead breaking more laws until this very day when and he was finally impeached by the US Congress.

Of course, in all the annals of criminality, most times, an unrepentant and habitual criminal is aided and abetted by a gang of co-conspirators who are loyal to a fault right to the bitter end. For Trump there were plenty of surrogates, associates, friends and family members who were willing to do whatever it took to help Trump break the rules and win. And win he did. But shortly after his win, within two years or so, there were 34 indictments and multiple jail sentences of people associated with Trump, his Campaign and his Presidency, including his personal lawyer, friend and dirty deeds ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen.

Additionally, after Trump winning the Presidency, the entire Republican Party (especially some of those who previously hated his guts, and character, and had said so publicly, like Lindsey Graham) now became his unshakeable enablers.

They excused every unacceptable behavior, even clearly criminal, like paying off porn stars, fraternizing with foreign powers to impact American elections and upon being caught resorting to blatant ‘Obstruction of Justice’, and incessant lying to a point of it being ludicrous – but for most Republicans, all of a sudden nothing was too wrong enough, or repulsive enough, for the converted Republicans, who now loved this man who with all his shallow and fame-seeking life they had hated and derided as a crook and a charlatan. But now he was the ‘Chosen One’ - ‘God, Messiah, Jesus’ – and the ‘Big White Hope’ – all rolled into one.

If there is one thing that Trump is now known most for, is his incessant lying. And the Republicans, instead of being offended by it, and instead of trying to correct him about it, they embraced it, and along with him became shameless facts and truth deniers, going so far as to blatantly propagating an alternative reality that flew in the face of their own recorded statements from a few years, or even months and days ago. As to their positions as United States government lawmakers, some of the highest offices in the land, the Republicans decimated the expectations of duty and honor that is expected from such positions, and took to the lowest road.

Once it became clear that the Democrat controlled Congress was most likely to impeach Trump, the Republicans gave up what little flicker of responsibility they had to their office and the American public, and went ‘Full Monty’ in their favorite functioning mode as Congressmen & Senators – shameless ‘Obstruction’.

Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are now on-record for saying that the trial that is required in the Senate after the Impeachment, is going to be anything but impartial and fair, as required by the Constitutional Oath they are supposed to take when they sit as ‘jurors’ in the trial. So, they are not only going to publicly subvert the Constitution, but are going to do it openly, secure in the knowledge that they cannot be held accountable by the American system or the public for their blatantly subversive actions – along with ‘their President’. But there is still the valiant and patriotic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, working to bring accountability to a rogue Senate, and its Republican Senators in a bid to bring Trump to full account.

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