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Deadbeat Claims of Fraud - Trump Hits Dead End (#126)

After ensuring that he makes as much mischief as he can to further damage the credibility of America as a leading, stable, and law-abiding democracy, with free and fair elections, Donald J. Trump finally runs out of options as State after State, and Court after Court, overrule his fraudulent and nuisance claims of ‘massive voter fraud’, as blatantly untrue and inaccurate, and unworthy of serious consideration. More recently, one of Trump’s staunchest allies, US Attorney General, William Barr, made the declaration that after investigations by the Department of Justice (till now a practically private legal entity in service of Trump rather than the country), no evidence was found to substantiate allegations of voter fraud, or to change Joe Biden’s victory.

Attorney General Barr’s split from Trump and his team’s insane antics to deny the Biden victory, put a heavy-gauge final nail in the proverbial Trump reelection coffin. Additionally, Trump and his supporter’s insistence and repeated calls for State vote recounts (some funded by Trump’s Campaign) ended by uncovering even more votes for Biden. The man who claims to never lose, forced the public reruns of all his electoral losses in key States, by insisting on recounts that resulted in increased votes for Biden. Loss on loss.

Key, traditionally deeply Republican States such as Arizona and Georgia, led by Republican Governors and Republican high officials have confirmed Biden’s win in the face of intense pressure from Trump to not do so. They investigated Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud and recounted the votes, and in each instance, they found no evidence of Trump’s false allegations. And after ensuring no foul-play, they confirmed Biden as the President Elect.

The States of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have also ruled in Biden’s favor. To add to that, the plethora of legal challenges brought by Trump and his supporters were almost all unceremoniously tossed out after brief examination in Court after Court, as having no merit in fact or law.

The rejections and losses piled up to the point that Trump finally had to admit that there was little to no chance of the Supreme Court entertaining his ‘massive voter fraud’ lies. Yet, because of his peculiar mental derangement which will not accept reality and chooses to live in self-delusionment, Trump is still spitting into the wind, and further soiling his badly battered image as an irresponsible poor loser, and an immature man-child, unbecoming of a US President.

For Trump, the end game is upon him and he faces ejection from the White House if he persists in denying reality of his historic election loss to ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden, who convincingly (and repeatedly because of recounts) defeated him in the most Republican of States like Georgia. But Trump being Trump, insisted on wandering the White House hallways tweeting nonsense and muttering to himself ‘I won’. His Republican sycophantic supporters who continue to feed his self-delusion, are certainly not doing him or America any favors.

For most of this infamous year of 2020, America has outstripped and led the World by a huge margin in cases and deaths from the corona virus pandemic. This fact is stunning, as America is supposed to be the richest, the most ‘Advanced’ of countries, and the only undisputed ‘Super-Power’ in the world. And yet, its performance in dealing with the pandemic puts it on par with the worst managed countries globally, as a ‘Banana Republic’. And as the other comparable and advanced countries are far less infected and have significantly lesser number of deaths from the corona virus, America can only be compared to the developing countries in its response to mismanaging the pandemic.

This humiliating performance by the US can be laid squarely at Trump’s door as his sycophantic administration, to-date, take their cues from him and parrot his denials of the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus, and its impact on the population and the country as a whole.

Those mindless denials of the seriousness, and the reality of the pandemic, has resulted in a nightmare scenario unfolding across America today as new infection numbers, hospitalizations, and deaths, from the COVID-19 virus set new grim records daily.

By all medical expert opinion, the US is at a breaking point in trying to deal with the medical emergency created by the runaway pandemic, even as significant ‘Republican, Conservative and Christian’ percentage of the population continue to stick their collective heads in the self-induced delusional fog of Trump’s election and pandemic denials.

According to Trump’s words and actions, both of those events are leftist fraud, and therefore to be denied. Yet, in cosmic karmic irony, it was the ‘China virus’ and the resulting pandemic, very ineffectually handled as most of Trump’s other foreign policies, that most heavily contributed to his historic election defeat at the hands of Biden. That which he denied - defeated him.

Trump’s mental and emotional inability to manage a national and/or an international crisis was responsible in exposing his glaring weaknesses as a US President. His denials, shifting of blame, and refusal to deal with the growing crisis, and punishing all those who tried to deal with it, resulted in Trump being finally stopped cold as a single term President.

As in Frank Sinatra’s signature song ‘My Way - And now, the end is here, and as they raise the final curtain’, Donald Trump’s most bizarre Presidential term is coming to an end, in his way. And though he will continue to inflict maximum damage on the Country through denials and stoking of divisions, Trump‘s damaging antics are becoming increasingly weak and irrelevant as Biden and his rational team move to eventually take control of the growing ‘American carnage’ that Trump plans to leave behind, and relegate him to the bin of history.

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