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Global Refugee Crisis & the Belated Hand Wringing - Or Sins of the West Coming Home to Roost (#81)

The systematic destabilization of Western Middle East and North Africa by the forceful removal of the dictatorial leaderships of select countries, led mainly by the U.S. and its Western allies, and the subsequent abandonment of these countries to the ensuing chaos that followed, is in large part responsible for the catastrophic conditions that have spawned one of the worst humanitarian refugee crisis in modern times.  And what is more tragic, that while millions of innocent people in these countries found their lives destroyed by the dubiously conducted ‘war on terror’, and the questionable ‘export of democracy and freedom’, very little of which can be justified in the face of the overall destruction wrought in the target countries and the horror inflicted upon innocent civilians who are now forced to flee their countries to seek safety and mere survival, we in the Western World now wring our hands belatedly in dull shock as images of their tragic plight assault us now daily.  

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