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Self Interest vs. Collective Interest – Mutually Exclusive? (#61)

Some industries and professions seem to be particularly suited to reaping undue benefits at the cost of their clients or constituents, in direct conflict to their stated mandate. While these professions and businesses incessantly advertise and market their concern for the client or constituent, they shamelessly exploit their position and power and damage the interest of those whom they are purportedly serving. The financial, tobacco, food and beverage industry, modern medicine, religious and political institutions, in particular, are filled with individuals and long entrenched practices that are in direct conflict with the interest of their customers. Most of the public is either unaware or too apathetic, or cynical, to do anything about it. But, unless the public takes interest and educates themselves on the ramification of such activities on their well being, by their advisors or suppliers, they will continue to be heartlessly and at times dangerously exploited.

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