• Ashok Dhillon

Stone Cold Criminal – The Trump Mob (#118)

The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, does it again, proving that under him the laws of the land do not apply to him and his like. And, the rule-of-law is a concept rather than a fact in today’s ‘unprecedented, historically corrupt’ America. On Friday, July 10, 2020, Trump commuted convicted criminal Roger Stone’s sentence, just days before he was to be incarcerated in a federal prison, having been found guilty by a jury on 7 criminal charges.

Roger Stone is a Republican political consultant, lobbyist, a self-professed master of the ‘dark arts’ of politics, a self-proclaimed ‘dirty trickster’, and a ‘Republican fixer’, and of course he has been a long-term friend and adviser to the life-long rules-breaking, criminally-inclined Trump, currently considered the ‘most corrupt’, constitutionally disastrous American President.

Previously, Stone worked on Richard Nixon’s campaign, and is a great admirer of the disgraced President, with a tattoo venerating him, on his back. Apart from Nixon, Roger Stone worked on the campaigns of Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Bob Dole, and last but not least, Donald Trump.

From his earliest school years Roger Stone was of the conviction that any and all dirty tricks to win in politics, even at school level, was ‘not mean, but smart’, and he has lived with that personal philosophy ever since. Lying, cheating, and using dirty tricks have been his life-long modus operandi.

During the 1980s, along with Paul Manafort and Charles Black Jr., Roger Stone co-founded a Washington, D.C. lobbying firm that went on to become one of the most successful for large American corporations, trade organizations and foreign entities, by leveraging their extensive White House contacts, and ‘whatever-it-takes’ means.

In the late 1990s, Roger Stone was Trump’s Washington lobbyist for Trump’s casino businesses, which failed spectacularly, but at that time Trump, through operatives like Stone, was not shy in dipping into the Washington’s infamous “Swamp” to extract whatever benefits he could, by whatever means, which included using the ‘dirty trickster’ Roger Stone.

In the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign, Roger Stone worked a web of contacts that included Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, and key Russian nationals and intelligence operatives involved in the interference of the American election. Stone personally orchestrated hundreds of fake Facebook accounts and bloggers to run political schemes, and conspiracies, aimed to favor Trump in his Presidential bid, and discredit his opponent, the front running, competent, infinitely qualified, but much maligned, and systematically victimized Hillary Clinton.

Men like Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon, and Donald Trump, considered it nothing but ‘smart’ to use any lies and falsehoods, including using the Russians and Wikileaks, to win the election at all cost, which they did, including Trump calling the election ‘rigged’, unless he won.

The 2016 Presidential Election will go down as the dirtiest fought, and the most interfered with by foreign entities (Russia), in American history, and Trump including his family, together with his closest advisers like Stone were most responsible.

The 2016 election triggered multiple criminal investigations into the Trump’s Campaign and the blatant Russian interference by US intelligence agencies, which resulted in 34 individuals and three companies being criminally indicted or pleading guilty. Of those criminal indictments, 8 were close to Trump and his Campaign, as surrogates and advisers, and 26 were Russian Nationals and Intelligence officers. (So much for the ‘Russia witch hunt & hoax’ - as Trump keeps claiming).

No President in US history has had that number of criminal indictments during his first term, and this does not count hundreds of criminal charges filed against others, not indicted yet.

The most prominent and closest of Trump’s advisers indicted for a variety of charges, not all necessarily for work with Trump, but criminal indictments nevertheless, were:

Paul Manafort – Trump’s Campaign Chairman. Pleaded guilty to 10 criminal charges.

Rick Gates – Deputy Chairman to Paul Manafort. Convicted on multiple charges.

Roger Stone – Long term Adviser to Trump. Convicted on 7 criminal charges.

Michael Cohen – Trump’s long term personal lawyer and ‘fixer’. Pleaded guilty to a number of criminal charges.

General Michael Flynn – Campaign Adviser, and Trump’s National Security Adviser. Indicted on criminal charges.

Most notably, in his detailed investigation on Trump’s activities, his Campaign, and Russia’s interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller III, found Trump to have obstructed justice, and admitting to it in the firing of James Comey, the Head of the FBI, and subsequent attempts to shut down or interfere with the investigation itself. At the end of the investigation, Mueller opted to follow precedent and not charge Trump as a sitting President. But the evidence of multiple attempts at obstruction-of-justice were found to be quite clear, and therefore there is a possibility that Trump may be charged with some of these, and other criminal charges, such as possible tax avoidance and fraud, once he is out of Office. If Trump is charged and convicted, he will be joining his gang of convicted criminals, and will therefore be in very familiar and like-minded criminal company.


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