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The Criminal Coterie – Trump’s Presidency (#121)

Now that the great Alt-Right Republican strategist, Steve Bannon, has been arrested and charged with fraud in relation to the misuse of private funds raised for building of the infamous ‘Trump Wall’ on the Southern US border, you know the one that Trump kept insisting he would build (as he was a builder) and have ‘Mexico pay for it’, Trump’s inner most circle of strategists and advisers are now almost all criminally indicted.

Just like most of his other major Campaign promises (HealthCare for all, and cheaper than ObamaCare), Trump never did build the Wall, and Mexico flatly refused to pay for any of it. Since it became very clear that Mexico had no intention of paying for the ‘Trump Wall’, ever, and that the then Republican controlled Senate and Congress had no intention of allocating the $20 plus Billion required to build it, raising bits of money to ‘Build the Wall’ has become an American cottage industry, with all kinds of hustlers, organizations, and individuals raising money, and some misusing it for their personal pleasure and use, to supposedly build this mammoth wall, a tiny bit at a time. Both the Senate and Congress still think it is a terrible idea and will not fund it.

Steve Bannon belonged to one of the start-ups that raised 25 some Million dollars and allegedly, used some of it for his personal use. He has been arrested and charged with fraud in relation to the misuse of some of the funds raised.

Bannon was one of the primary strategists for Trump’s 2016 election campaign, and closest aides and advisers in the White House. Additionally, Steve Bannon was one of the prime architects of the American, and later global Alt-Right movement, but most of all, Bannon was Trump’s closest insider.

Most of Trump’s inner circle have been convicted, or pled guilty, and jailed, and some have been pardoned by an aggrieved President like a mafia boss arranging to have ‘his people’ sprung out of jail, in spite of their guilt and legal conviction. This is unprecedented in American history that almost all of a US President’s closest allies turn out to be criminals - indicted, tried, convicted and guilty.

The only remaining question is when does this ever-expanding circle of criminal indictments and convictions, start to include Trump’s family members, many of whom were very active in his now thoroughly discredited 2016 campaign.

The most recent ‘Bipartisan’ Senate Intelligence Committee released a 1000-page Report confirming that Trump’s Campaign actively colluded with Russia, and in particular worked closely with a Russian Intelligence Officer, Konstantin V. Kilimnik, in an effort to have Russian help in Trump winning the election.

A number of Trump’s family members were directly involved in the 2016 Campaign and were eager and willing to work with Russians to further Trump’s chances of winning at any cost. That may be the next shoe to drop, and we know that once Trump is no longer the President, and loses the protection of the Office, he himself becomes vulnerable to the dozens of investigations and cases ongoing, and filed against him and his activities prior to, and during his Presidency. That conviction, IF it happens, will complete the circle.

As all these indictments and convictions came in over the course of the first term of his Presidency (incredible), Trump’s first line of defense has almost always been to start denying knowing the person ‘very well’ even though they were his inner most circle of strategists and campaign advisers during his 2016 bid for Presidency.

That of course does not wash as the whole world knows of Trump’s close political and personal relationships, but the most truth-averse President in history does not let such a minor inconveniences (to him), like truth, bother him as he again and again tries to bluff his way out of every indictment, guilt and conviction.

In the run up to the coming election, and with all these indictments and convictions of his closest cronies mounting up, and his famous and oft used defense that the charges of active ‘Russian interference’ in the 2016 election that helped him get elected, were the ‘biggest hoax’, and ‘a witch hunt’, turning out to be reality, and ‘a grave counter-intelligence threat’ to America, how is he going to continue to rely on his lies to survive. Because the only question now is, who else is left in his coterie of criminal insiders to be charged with either fraud or treason?

So many of Trump’s ‘best people’ have now turned out to be criminals, and his 2016 election victory was assisted and engineered by Russia, and his Presidency has been an unmitigated disaster for America, and a ‘grave threat’ to its security.

It is a desperate time for America, and it is time for a change.

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