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The Potential Political Disruptors, Trudeau and Sanders (#86)

Updated: Feb 8

Justin Trudeau is from iconic political pedigree (the son of the late, great, Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau), and is now a young (43-yearold) come-from-behind, “rock star” political leader of the Liberal Party, in the front running, to potentially win the Canadian Federal Government election on October 19th, 2015. Relatively new and inexperienced as a politician on the national stage, even a few weeks ago nobody would have given him any chance of leading the three party race to possibly win in the election, to become the next Prime Minister of Canada. Yet, in the past few weeks, Trudeau has grown in political stature through his surprisingly strong performances in the recent political debates, steadily picked up momentum, and has pulled his lagging Liberal Party from a non-contender in the past years, into the lead. This is due to his surprising toughness and resilience, which is usually well-hidden behind a deceptive boyish bonhomie and charm.  

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