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Trump Ever Stacking the Deck – And Still Losing (#124)

From his first acceptance speech on his Inauguration Day, January 20, 2016, Donald J. Trump started to position himself for reelection in 2020 by manipulating the expectations of the American public (stacking the deck). In inheriting a Barack Obama managed 8-year, two term, steadily climbing and booming economy, and an 8-year declining unemployment rate, a record setting jobs market, and critically repaired foreign relations, after the disastrous Bush-II years, and a relatively stable and declining crime rate, Trump described the inherently stable country he inherited as - ‘American Carnage’ - and promised to fix it all and ‘Make America Great Again’.

For all those of us who observed him in action during the 4-years of his Term, it became increasingly clearer that his description of ‘American Carnage’ at the time of his inauguration was really a projection of his own work to come, as there is no doubt in most American’s and the World’s eyes, after his Term, that he more than fulfilled that mission as the 45th US President.

In generating ‘Carnage’, Trump managed to rile-up old hatreds and divisions within America, and made America a naïve, bungling wrecking-ball of a foreign policy neophyte to the rest of the World, with his ill-advised and illegal breaking of international agreements with allies, and his ground-losing comical but horrific bromance with despotic dictator Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, and the public sucking-up to Vladimir Putin of Russia, and Prince MBS of Saudi Arabia.

From his perennially dishonest and manipulative planning, he deliberately tried to trash all the good that had been done by his predecessor so that he could claim to have repaired the phantom damage. Cannily, he recognized that there was a significant segment of the Republican Party and base that was so ideologically bound to their own twisted idea of America (White, segregated, gun-toting, belligerent, prejudiced and unequal) that they would ignore reality, and let their inherent historic biases, prejudices and hatreds, welcome his bold lies.

For four years of his first and last term, Trump wreaked havoc on America and its allies, and molly-coddled oppressive, human-rights abusing, brutal and despotic dictators. And now, after being roundly beaten in an election, legally, by someone he always derided as ‘Sleepy Joe’, he has been acting like a petulant, entitled, spoiled brat, closeted in his room (the White House), refusing to come out and play, because mummy and daddy (the Republican Party) who spoiled him instead of disciplining him, could not pre-fix the game in his favor.

Like a spoiled brat he has been throwing things (frivolous lawsuits) and demanding that someone change the new political reality to suit him, and his narcissistic need to win by whatever means, and ultimately at the cost of the country’s unity and democracy. Well, nobody can coddle poor Donny anymore as the Courts summarily throw out most of his meritless lawsuits, and Biden moves ahead, while the walls close in on the closeted Trump.

Trump has always played with a stacked deck. His father gave him $400 Million in inheritance, which he eventually lost, and faced total wipeout, when his immediate-family (siblings and such), rallied and came to his rescue with many more millions. Predictably, even that was not enough and he was broke again and again, losing so much of other people’s money that no one in North America would lend to him anymore.

Ultimately he was bailed out by questionably sourced Russian money looking to be ‘parked’ and perhaps laundered in western assets (see Don Junior’s bragging that they have more than enough Russian money, they don’t need anyone else). Because of his desperate need for money, which American and other international banks would not lend him; the Russians gave him the money and tied him up as their ever pliant tool for the future. The Russians invested in his properties and saved his proverbial bacon, while tying him down, as has been demonstrated time and again in his public fawning supplications to Vladimir Putin and Russia. He has repeatedly and publicly demonstrated his fealty to Putin and Russia, even in international forums where other western leaders have shunned them, and strongly urged Trump to do the same. But Trump has never openly condemned Vladimir Putin, and in fact has fought with other western leaders to bring him back, into the G-20 fold, from which Putin had been ejected.

The Russian money came with a price and Trump paid it repeatedly as President.

Throughout his 2016 Campaign and his ‘First Term’ as President, Trump has sowed the seeds of doubt for the process of voting for presidential elections. He kept claiming during 2016 Election Campaign, that the election was ‘rigged’ because he was certain (as was the World) that he was going to lose to Hillary Clinton. He wanted to forever taint her impending and ‘certain’ victory by calling it ‘rigged’, beforehand.

When he unexpectedly won, with generous help from Putin and Russia trolls, Wikileaks, and the atrociously ill-timed ‘e-mail investigation’ announced by FBI Director James Comey, just days before voting day, Trump took his blatantly assisted victory without a word of ‘rigged elections’; and in fact openly stated, ‘if I win it’s legitimate, but if I lose, it’s rigged’.

He did it again this 2020 Election. Calling for his own victory but tainting Joe Biden’s.

Throughout this Election Campaign he repeated ad nauseam that if he lost, the election will be rigged, while stacking the deck by having his appointment (a wealthy Campaign donor to Trump), the US Postal Services Chief, Louis DeJoy, remove crucial mailing equipment, cut overtime, and generally cut back funding, to slow down mail delivery just before the election, when mail-voting was expected to be exceptionally heavy due to the pandemic; and Trump further stacked the decks by having Republican Governors making it very difficult for certain segments of the public, thought to vote for Democrats and Biden, to get to a voting site, by removing them in those areas thought to be predominantly Democrat, and forcing people to travel great distances just to exercise the right-to-vote.

Donald Trump always covers the downside by a preemptive lie - that he cannot lose but for cheating by the other side. But the majority American people are wise to his tricks now, and have kicked him out regardless. And, as Rick Santorum the Republican commentator on CNN said recently, Donald Trump and the Republican Party needs some time to process and accept the election defeat of their ‘Dear Leader’, as he is never supposed to lose when playing with a stacked deck.

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