Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ – Israel Exclusive (#110)

Both Trump and Netanyahu are under indictment for alleged criminal activities in their own countries. So, what happens when two allege crooks get together to make a ‘Deal of the Century’? They cook-up another fraudulent deal, to defraud somebody, and that’s exactly what Trump and Netanyahu have done.

Both have cooked up a deal (or perhaps more accurately, Netanyahu, Jared Kushner, and other Jewish hardliners, have drawn-up the deal, and details-averse Trump has signed off) to defraud the Palestinians of more of their land, and their sovereignty, while living in a new proposed police-state, under the new deal, a particularly Israel-biased ‘Two-States Solution’.

And what did Israel get? Practically everything it ever wanted: in a nutshell - annexation of all the land taken by illegal settlements over the decades, entire Jerusalem as their ‘Capital’, more fertile land, and total control of any future ‘Palestinian State’ – for the sake of, Israel’s greater security.

And while this ‘Deal of the Century’ was being cooked up, the Palestinians were never any part of it, because their decades-old grievances were of no consequence to Jared Kushner (the ‘expert lead’ on the deal, in spite of zero experience of such matters, and his only over-arching qualification being, he is the President Trump’s, Jewish son-in-law). And of course ‘Experts on Middle East Policies’, and historians of any stripe, who had any understanding of the context of the conflict, were not welcome. It was a typical Trump family initiative.

Well as Jared so often put it, when questioned as to the basis of the proposed deal, he didn’t want ‘the history between Israel and the Palestinians to clutter up the pragmatic view of the President’. According to him, since nothing has worked in the past, to resolve the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, he didn’t want to clutter up his and his Dad-in-law’s thinking by addressing any long-standing issues that have held up the easy way to make it all happen - think up everything Israel wants, constrain Palestinians even more, and put it as ‘take-it-or-leave-it’.

How convenient to be able to just push people off their land, by force; then for decades continue to take more of their land by demolishing their houses and forcing them out, and create new illegal settlements for the Jewish people (against all the objections and the ‘Resolutions’ of the UN), while herding the Palestinians into smaller spaces (ghettos), and controlling their lives totally by overwhelming force, with big brother America riding shotgun, to keep all other objecting countries and the UN in-line, and call all of this ‘Inconvenient History’.

And what is the history that is so unimportant.

Only that the Jewish people did not originate in Palestine, as claimed by Netanyahu and the Jewish hardliners, and that the Palestinians (all people living in the land of Palestine) are the original inhabitants of the land, before the Jewish people arrived, and for almost two thousand years after the vast majority of Jewish people were dispersed by the Romans – till recently, the late 1940s.

Patriarch Abraham came from Iraq, into Turkey, into Syria, from there he came into the land of Canaan (modern day Palestine). Then he and his family went to Egypt during a time of famine, and then came back and settled back into Canaan. There were others there before and after his comings and goings. The Jewish people (the descendants of Abraham) were finally dispersed by the Romans out of Palestine at around 130CE (or AD) and came back to form Israel in 1947-48. It is a quick and ready recounting, but accurate for the purpose of this essay.

All the people and their descendants, who were settled in Palestine during the almost two thousand years or so of there being no Jewish Kingdoms in that land, the Palestinians, are the people who have been moved to make way for the Jewish people who started coming back to Palestine during and after the Second World War, in the late 1940s. And they have been moved out steadily, since then.

Now it may be convenient for Jared Kushner and his father-in-law to ignore that history as simply not ‘pragmatic-enough’ to matter; after all, he and his family are not the ones pushed out of their homes and herded into ghettoes, but for the Palestinian people that history is a bit more relevant, as a new scheme is hatched, without them, to additionally strip them of their land and their autonomy.

With only Israel and Jewish Americans drawing up ‘The Deal’, with no input, whatsoever, from the Palestinian side, it is no wonder ‘The Deal of the Century’ is so one-sided and unfair; with Israel getting everything, including greater control, while the Palestinians are supposed to ‘embrace the opportunity’, thankfully, give-in, while Israel celebrates the ‘Greatest Deal’ and memorialize Trump and his Jewish, history-averse, son-in-law, as Israel’s newest ‘heroes’, for all time.

Trump and Netanyahu cooked up a deal, not so much as to bring peace to one of the longest running conflicts in the region, and resolve – equitably – the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, but to announce an unacceptable deal, to stir up enough controversy to deflect from their own criminal trials at home and help with both of their tough elections.

This was a cynical act of political self-preservation, masquerading as an effort to resolve conflict and to bring long-needed peace.

Trump and Netanyahu thrive, and politically survive, only with conflict and fear as their true go-to weapons to distract and drive their fanatical support bases.

But, you can fool the majority only for a while, before reality asserts itself and demands to be recognized. Looking at the two combative, ultra-selfish, criminally-inclined personalities of Trump and Netanyahu, who could have possibly expected anything better from these two? Not the observant and history aware, ‘Woke-World’.

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