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The Nine Lives Of ‘ObamaCare’ & Death of ‘TrumpCare’ (#43)

After almost 8 years of consistent effort of trying to kill ObamaCare, Mitch McConnell, fellow Republican Senators, and now the newly added and always addled President Donald J. Trump, failed yet again, spectacularly, to ‘immediately Repeal and Replace ObamaCare’. Their frantic, bumbling, conscienceless Republican 'TrumpCare’ Bill, hastily prepared, in darkness, a Bill designed to hurt the ordinary, the weak and the infirm American, in favor of the rich despotic and the entitlement expectant rich, has died yet again, a much deserved death, while the battered and forever Republican attacked, but popular amongst the needy, ObamaCare, survived yet again.

The Affordable Care Act (or ObamaCare) was conceived in good faith for the betterment of all Americans, albeit with its many flaws, and has provided comfort and security to tens of millions more Americans than were previously insured. And, since its conception and enactment, and in spite of its weaknesses, it has worked even if not perfectly and survived years of incessant Republican attacks - in comparison to the Republican and Trump people hurting, rich favoring abomination that has consistently arrived, stillborn.

If there ever was a cause that every ordinary American can rally behind, to demand of their government better service and care, it is surely ‘healthcare’, as pain, ill-health, disease and infirmity, knows no political or economic ideology, but only recognizes frailty in humanity.

In admitting defeat, yet again, President Donald Trump, senior most Senator Mitch McConnell and his fellow senior Republicans, Vice President Mike Pence, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, predictably, could not be gracious and honest in their self-inflicted defeat, but in that ever dishonest and cowardly fashion, for which they are now globally infamous, as the ruling administration, they still felt compelled to take disparaging potshots at the ever surviving ObamaCare and the much abused, by both the President and the Republicans, politically neutered and rather hapless Democrats.

Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans, and Donald Trump, had been viciously disparaging, falsely accusing and actively obstructing, for the entire two terms, of the first African-American President in American history, Barack Obama, whom the World celebrated but the racists in America abhorred. The Republicans, and Donald Trump as a shamelessly self-promoting, ambitious private citizen, had made it their lives’ ambition to insult, obstruct and push towards failure every effort of Barack Obama and the Democrats, of which ‘ObamaCare’ had been a constant and much favored target, and in so doing, had poisoned the partisan politics of America into an ugly toxic brew of intolerant racism and ideological hatred.

Now, in spite of controlling all aspects of the government, and in a delicious twist of fate, they find themselves helpless to pass any meaningful and major legislation, because of unbridgeable divides among themselves, and are in need of Democrat cooperation. The majority of America, and indeed the rest of the World cannot but take some pleasure from the self-inflicted wounds that the Republicans and Donald Trump have inflicted on themselves, to the point of being politically traumatized and helpless. No one deserves it more than the hypocrites that preach the betterment of the average and needy American, while openly and shamelessly selling out to big business interests and the highly favored, entitlement addicted wealthy, the main recipients of the $4 Trillion Quantitative Easing, Federal Reserve near-zero-cost-money largess, and the loop-hole riddled American tax-code for the rich. After concocting an openly anti-people Republican ‘Healthcare Bill’ behind closed doors, hidden even from questioning Republicans, the ‘brilliant tactician - strategist’ wily-coyote Senator Mitch McConnell tried to rush it through with minimum scrutiny and discussion, with all his guile, counting on his majority Republican numbers in the Senate to ram it through.

But, a really bad piece of a really bad piece of legislation, and with a clueless and care-less President ready to sign anything Mitch brought to his table for signing, as long it gave him a desperately needed political victory regardless of how many people it hurt, it was up to the other Republicans, fearing for their political careers to stop it from proceeding, which they did.

The failure of Mitch McConnell, his fellow Republican Senators, and President Donald Trump has been of catastrophic proportions, while holding total power, to “immediately ‘Repeal and Replace ObamaCare'” yet again. There really is no excuse for such dramatic repeated failure, except for gross arrogance, conscienceless politicking, bumbling incompetence, covered with constant and pathetic need to blame the ever losing and embarrassingly hapless in-minority Democrats. The much mal-aligned, but a step-in-the-right-direction, somewhat progressive American Healthcare Act called ‘ObamaCare’, which was a small step towards the Universal Healthcare plans of all developed, free market economies of the West that cover everyone at about half the cost, but seems to be beyond the understanding of America, has more than nine lives. It has been under vicious attack by the Republicans for almost 8 years, who tried to kill it again and again, but like a cat it continues to survive for now...

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