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All OFF-BOARD, the Trump Train (#44)

The Trump Presidential train was supposed to transport a failing America from a besieged, worst deal-making, most-losingest country in the World, back to the land of ‘Great Again’, where it would ‘win, win, win, till it was tired of winning’ country, on his special brand of train that was the best, the greatest, the fastest, the most traveled, the most full, the most accomplished, the cheapest, in the shortest time ever, perhaps even in history. Except, the Trump train never got out of the station, and now it seems the wheels are coming off.

It started at the very start of the journey. Literally - just days into the Presidency, that started on January 20, 2017, Trump’s tainted National Security Advisor ex-General Michael Flynn was forced to resign on February 13, 2017, because of his undisclosed connections to the Russians. And between that day and last Friday, July 21, 2017, Trump’s infamous and embattled Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, resigned in objection to the appointment of the new News Director, Anthony Scaramucci. In between those two dates, approximately 5 month or so, numerous people in the new administration from a number of different agencies, and the White House, have resigned, or have been fired, and his political policy agenda has woefully failed. The most common word used to describe the first 6 months of the Trump Presidency has been – chaos!

Trump’s particular brand of politics and policies, offended many, and they resigned en-mass like some in the senior management of the State Department. Now, some of his legal team have quit, Sean Spicer is gone, and the embattled Attorney General, Jeff Sessions may be the next to go, again because of repeatedly undisclosed meetings with Russian senior officials.

The issue of undisclosed dealings with Russians is taking a serious toll on Trump’s Presidency.

Before he pulled the train out of the station, Trump built a dirty tricks wall right in front of it, in the shape of Russia. Then he slammed the train right into it, and with every un-Presidential ill-considered action, every additional trouble causing tweet, and every fawning, flattering meeting with Russian officials, particularly his all time favorite, President Putin, Trump has been slamming his ‘greatest ever’ Presidential train repeatedly into the Russian wall.

Trump has called his, his family’s, and some of the highest positioned campaign team member’s dealings with Russian officials and business big wigs, during his Presidential Campaign, which are now under various investigation, as ‘a hoax’, ‘fake news’, and the ‘greatest witch hunt ever’.

But it was him, on the campaign trail, who repeatedly focused everyone’s attention on his seemingly unnatural (for an American Presidential candidate) fondness for Russia, and its dictatorial leader, Vladimir Putin.

And ever since, with every opportunity possible, and over the cautions, trepidations and warnings of his Republican Party and the frightfully expanding legal team he is being forced to amass for all his own, his family’s, his campaign member’s mounting legal exposures, he is still continuing to press his personal preference for Putin, and Russian alliances, in none too subtle forms such as meetings with the highest Russian officials in the Oval Office, or the grand stage of G-20 summit, minus, at most times, any proper American officials in attendance, raising further suspicions and questions.

Obviously, there is something substantial in the dealings of the Trump camp members and the Russians, that Trump and his people want to keep from disclosing. Because time and time again, and given every opportunity to disclose all, they have all refrained from doing so, and lied about it, till a news story has broken and forced them to admit to it.

This pattern of consistent denials followed by subsequent forced confessions have tainted Trump and his inner circle to the point of being, universally, viewed as guilty as accused till proven otherwise. Trump and his family, and his surrogates, have done themselves no favors by consistently running head first into the Russian brick wall, built by undisclosed meeting after undisclosed meeting, and Trump-tweet by Trump tweet, early denials and later confessions.

As the Trump train to nowhere comes apart bit by bit, its time everybody got off the Trump train as the wreckage piles up (and where are you, Republicans, when the nation turns its desperate appalled eyes to you,* to stop the Trump train wreaking America).

*Paraphrasing Simon & Garfunkel from the song ‘Mrs. Robinson’.

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