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Trump Doubles Down on Dismantling America (#58)

The America that Americans and the World knew no longer exists because of Trump’s latest actions. It is gone forever because of an unthinkable crossing of a line that had been held sacred by all previous Presidents and administrations. Trump, with the initiative and assistance of others in the Republican Party, has wilfully crossed the line of a President directly interfering in an ongoing FBI investigation, by openly discrediting and firing the senior most officials in the FBI and putting undue political pressure on others in the Department of Justice (‘DOJ’). And now, he has released a blatantly misleading memo, openly opposed by the Heads of the Intelligence Agencies and the DOJ, as it jeopardised the Nation’s security, because it was specifically designed with handpicked talking points, errors and omissions of facts, to do one thing, which is to discredit the ‘Russia Investigation’ being led by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

It has been no secret that Donald Trump has vehemently opposed the Russia Investigation, even though enough of his family and closest advisors interacted with Russian officials and operatives, for Mueller to have obtained indictments against a number of those advisors from the Courts. All of which, and the fact that the investigation kept getting ever closer to Trump and his family, made Trump and his allies in the Senate and Congress desperate enough to obliterate the red line of non-interference by law makers and the President into an ongoing DOJ and FBI investigation, for purely political and personal purposes.

The ill-conceived, poorly-constructed, highly-one-sided, partisan (Republican) memo is a pure diversionary play to deflect attention away from, and to discredit, the Mueller investigation. In that mission the memo is being portrayed, by the Republicans and the President, as a document that brings transparency into the practices used by the FBI investigators, and to shed light on the wrong-doings of the agents to falsely and improperly target Donald Trump and his campaign advisors, to prevent him from being elected as the U.S. President.

If the charge of bias and obstruction were true, it would mean that the agents and officials in question were simply incompetent, because of the fact that he got elected anyway, but Trump and his fellow conspirators are alleging ‘corruption’ no less, at the highest levels of the FBI.

Now, well before the 2016 election campaign, Donald Trump had engaged in a relentless and blatantly false allegation that President Obama was not born in the United States; which he admitted was a wrong assertion immediately upon being elected. Then he asserted, falsely, that his crowd size at his inauguration was the biggest, even though it was demonstrably obvious that it was smaller than Obama’s inauguration crowd. Not one to back down when proven wrong, Trump also claimed that he was stepping into a disastrous situation left by his predecessors, even though a dimwit could tell such a claim was outlandishly false.

Still not to be deterred by his growing number of falsehoods, Trump as President shockingly accused former President, Obama, for illegally wire-tapping Trump Tower. That allegation was shocking because it was unthinkable for a sitting President to engage in such a criminal act. Predictably, the allegation was proven to be totally wrong after a thorough and totally unnecessary investigation. (Unnecessary – because by now it was becoming abundantly clear that Donald Trump lied, brazenly and repeatedly, to distract the public from negative news that was dogged him).

And so it went, lie after lie, proven again and again to be pure lies and falsehoods until in ten months of his Presidency, it was estimated that Donald Trump had lied or stated falsehoods of over 1600 times and was on track to possibly lie 2000 times, in his first full year in Office.

He constantly lied about ObamaCare being a disaster, when it covered millions more Americans and continued to be signed on to by millions of Americans that previously had no healthcare insurance or the means to get it.

Trump lied about the U.S. having Trade deficits with every country, when it didn’t.

He lied about America’s Corporate Tax Rates being the highest, when after all the legal deductions and loopholes available to companies, they simply weren’t.

He lied about the recent tax cuts being the biggest in American history. They weren’t, not even close.

He lied about the tax cuts being designed to really help the working families, when according to all the experts they were really designed to help the rich and the big Corporations.

He lied about the economy being strong due to his policies when the growth was an extension of 8 years of growth during the Obama years, as was the record setting climb of the stock markets, and the decline to record lows of the unemployment in the country, also due to Obama.

And so, this Republican memo is also a lie.

It is neither transparent nor factual, and very misleading.

It does not give the full accurate account of the investigation it attempts to discredit, it cherry picks information, out of context, and skews to its highly partisan mission to discredit the FBI. Both the Head of the FBI Christopher Wray, and the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said so. They are both Republicans and both were chosen and appointed by Donald Trump.

The other Heads of America’s intelligence agencies, the CIA and the NSA, have also been against the release of this memo, on the grounds of its inaccuracies, the highly classified nature of some of the underlying information, and its ability to undermine the credibility of the FBI, the DOJ, and the security of the country.

But neither Donald Trump nor his Republican backers care.

In their view it is another necessary lie, albeit a huge nation-damaging one, which is required to serve their personal purpose of preserving power at any cost, only this time it is at the cost of destroying everything that once made America great - a country where the rule-of-law was practised without the interference from politicians that could openly undermine it. Without that, America is just another dictatorship, or a two-bit Banana-Republic with no integrity.

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