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Hey Kavanaugh: Bill Cosby – Guilty – “Sexually Violent Predator” (#73)

Bill Cosby, a onetime most trusted, admired man, ‘America’s Dad’, was found guilty of sexual abuse and sentenced by Justice Steven O’Neill to 3 to 10 years in jail, and labeled as a ‘sexually violent predator’, requiring a lifetime of monitoring and supervision, with a number of restrictions concerning proximity to schools etc. It is a stunning fall of a man who at one time, in the public’s eye, was beyond reproach. It was a stunning breach of personal and public trust, and a lesson in not relying on the public persona of anyone no matter how ‘respected, or fine, or good’ they may seem. A lesson lost on the Republican Senators and Donald Trump as they pass judgment on the women accusers of Brett Kavanaugh, while insisting on the innocence of the embattled Judge without the benefit of any investigation. Let’s not forget, Bill Cosby and his many supporters were incredibly aggressive over the years as the women came forward, in attacking them, and in defending his oh-so obvious innocence.

But, in a World biased heavily against all women, for all things, getting men in authority to believe them has been a living nightmare for abused women. Not only were the women who came forward not believed, but in most instances they were turned into the offenders, with the abusive men portrayed as the victims. In most cases the men were lifted up as stalwarts of society, good upstanding family men, who had either been wrongfully accused (as Judge Brett Kavanaugh is being portrayed), or who the wicked women had somehow corrupted, and were hell bent on destroying for some womanly insidious reason. Judge Kavanaugh may be innocent or guilty, but the women coming forward are already being labeled as nefarious, not credible, and mere pawns of Democrats in a cynical political partisan game.

Lessons are not easily learned by men in spite of all proof to the contrary that, in the majority of cases, the women are proven to be truthful, and the men not that much.

Bill Cosby, in spite of years of his feigned righteous anger at being accused, and in spite of equally aggressive defense of his character by his friends and supporters, both men and women, turned out to be labeled by a Judge to be a ‘sexually violent predator’ that had allegedly preyed on at least 60 some women by drugging them and then repeatedly sexually assaulting them. Considering the especially heinous nature of his predatory activities, and the colossal breach of trust of the women and the public, Bill Cosby got off way too lightly.

As the Republican controlled Senate continues to push forward the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the President of the United States persists with the incredibly callus encouragement of one who is not only not above interfering in processes that a President should stay out of, but is shameless enough to ignore the facts of his past public behavior and boasts with women, including his confessions on ‘Access Hollywood Tapes’. These numerous ‘confessions’ over the years disqualify Trump, expressly, to comment on the issues of sexual assault, and quite incredibly, both he and the Republican Senate members are still willing to ignore the lessons of a ‘good, fine, upstanding stalwart of society’ - Bill Cosby - turning out to be guilty! And a sexually violent predator!

President Trump, Republican Senators, take note.

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